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For, astonishingly, results for all those on the board two weeks ago.

Black group decided to make a post here so we could find out how we all got on (sorry it's late fellas, got home to find internet was borked), but if anyone else from that board hangs around here, let us know what happened!

Myself, didn't get it. Will be interesting to see the report, and find out if it's for the reason I think - buggered up the assault course so badly it could well have been an auto-fail - or whether they generally loathed the very sight of me. If option A, I'm not dead yet, and so perhaps will see some of you again on a board in May.

PS Mods, if this is in the wrong place please move it, but could you keep the link in the RCB thread alive, I didn't want to clog up that thread with responses.
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