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Hi guys n gals,

I am about to go to Westbury in 3 weeks, and was wondering:

a)If we pick our own topic to talk on from our CV?

b) Does our group leader pick one?


c) Give you a choice of a few of the topics?

Just that I have listed around 20 interests/hobbies, but may find it difficult to talk on some of them. i.e: economics, quiz/general knowledge, reading.

Good luck to anyone else going to Westbury.
The answer is in your question.

This is the easiest part of the week, and a pleasant change. By this time, you'll have an idea of how you've done. If you find it difficult to talk for 5 minutes on one of your topics, you've come to the wrong bunch of agony aunt's.
Thanks for your response.

But can you tell me if we get to pick our own topic, or they do?

I have quite a few other interests listed (cooking, golf, travel, painting) which i have already drafted a rough speech, with some amusing stories.

But not sure how i can achieve the same level of interest with a talk on, say, economics or politics (which i have also listed on my CV). After all, the talk is about a reflection of ME right?

Thanks again

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