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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bossdog, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Are there any good MBT Sims out there for PC? I've only found Panzer Commander but I don't know if its any good.

    What do you guys reccommend? I'm looking for a good shooter, with strategy and a bit of tactical thinking required.

    I normally play CoD, Americas Army, HL/ HL2.... Just fancy something different.
  2. amiga pacific islands...ancient but it still keeps me amused...
  3. M1 Tank Platton 2 by Microprose: OK you using M1 Abrahams but you command a troop and AFVs, dismount infantry where and when required, call in air and arty and your up against soviet armour and AFV so you got be up to speed with your vehicle recognition. Set in old cold war scenarios and some more current desert scenearios.
    Armoured Fist - Novalogic: Again Abrahams mainly desert scenarios you don't have all the battle group backup to command and move around or the air on tap with this one. You only got to worry about your tank and your troop later on. If you get brewed up you can move into the another tank in your troop (4 tanks). Graphics are a lot better in this game though. Novalogic are better at graphics they done the Delta Force and Black Hawk Down series.
    I been looking for something else myself as I have done these to death especially when my mrs has got X factor on the telly!
  4. Exactly the same reason for me.

    I'll try out those games. Cheers mate.
  5. Gentlemen this might be exactly what your looking for, it is an actual sim as used by the Australians, dutch and Swedes to name just a few

    It might seem a lot of money at $125 but there's never been a better time to buy from the states, and shipping is inclusive,

    Also look at it as an investment, for the price of two to three normal priced games that get played for a short space of time untill you've played them as much as you can, or are just plain bored with them, this will keep your attention for years, I've been playing it in one form or another for years.

    It's got a small but good multiplayer community if that's your thing, but single player is also very good, it comes with some stock scenarios, but there are plenty to download from the which is the official fansite, but it also comes with a very good mission editor, and also powerfull map editor, one of the guys there has done a very good Salisbury plain map which might be of interest.

    No British vehicles yet, but thats because they only model what their military customers want, and as the MOD don't know a good thing when it's looking straight at them it's not going to happen any time soon,
    but if you look at the vehicle list it's quite comprehensive.

    anyway have a look and see what you think,

  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Steel beasts is superb. It is quite expensive but the quality of graphics is exraordinary and the abilty to multiplayer is excellent.
  7. It does look good but sixty quid? Is it jusitiable?

    If i do buy it - is it gonna be hard to learn? What version do i buy?
  8. Just took a look on ebay and saw this :?

    Steel Beasts - Pc (New & Sealed)
  9. [/quote]

    As far as I am aware, you want to buy the standalone/personal version.
    As for the cheap ones going on ebay, I'm not sure what all that's about - I've just asked them to plonk a copy in the post for me - will let you know whether it's the one you're looking for once I've got it installed.
  10. You may have a job finding the Salisbury plain map, Ive withdrawn it. :roll: Lets just say that I and the developers had a little falling out.
    If anyone can convince me they are going to use it in a training role with the British army (even on an unofficial basis), they can contact me and Ill give them the latest version which is fully compatible with OS grid. Its a hell of an advance over earlier versions If I say so myself.

    Lets be fair, Steel Beasts Pro PE is a well done and illuminating simulation. What it does it does very well, and its a great training system in use by many armies. The negative is that I could give you chapter and verse on how they deal with individuals who try to help them. I wont, but suffice to say if you want to see British armour in it you are going to have a hell of a long wait as their primary researcher on British vehicles quit in disgust. I ought to know, cos it was me. :wink:

    Incidentally, this a very useful site.
  11. As far as I am aware, you want to buy the standalone/personal version.
    As for the cheap ones going on ebay, I'm not sure what all that's about - I've just asked them to plonk a copy in the post for me - will let you know whether it's the one you're looking for once I've got it installed.[/quote]

    The version listed is SB Gold. SB 1 was the version that was orginally released back in 2000. It looks very dated now, but has an accurate fire control simulation of the Abrams and the Leo2, has a good map editor and scenario editor. SB Gold Was SB1 with a lot of the community maps, scenarios and Mods included on it. If you can find it, its a better buy than SB1.

    SB Pro and SB pro PE are the currently released versions. SB Pro is the military only version, PE is the personal edition which anyone can buy. There are differences between the two, but by and large PE is the slightly cut down version of its bigger brother. Not much excluded mind.

    SB2 is the next version. That started in development in 2003, and currently is due to arrive around 2009. Or 2019 if you are a cynical barsteward like myself. :wink: Thats meant to have a number of different features (such as crew management) to make it appeal more to ordinary gamers. No idea what its going to contain, though there is a Golan heights map under development, so it may be the 1973 war. Nobody seems to know.

    Incidentally, a friend of mine builds controllers which are compatible with SB and various other sims. I tried these as the ITEC show last year, and was very impressed how solid they are.
  12. The copies going cheap on ebay are the old version, which looks like this

    It's still a very good game/sim just not as new as SBPro, the graphics are dated but the gameplay is very good, SBPro is the natural progression of it.

    As to is it worth £60, only you can decide that, personally I think it's worth every penny and then some more, you don't see this version come up on ebay very often, I think I've only seen it twice, and both times it was gone very quickly.

    If you do buy it Esim will send you the most up to date version, so you won't have to worry about patching it.

    The learning curve is steep, but the community is very helpful, and patient
    we all had to learn at some time :D the sim comes with comprehensive tutorials for all the playable vehicles

    If you want to see it working do a search on youtube there are quite a few user posted videos on there.

    any questions you have feel free to ask here or pm me.
  13. Dam you stu, you beat me to it :D
  14. i wouldn't mind having the CATT in my garage lol