main-battle tank derived APC

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zapata_rides!, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. We are building one haven't you heard?

    It's the FRES and it'll weigh 2 tonnes, will fly and zap things with it's laser. Should be in service next year.
  2. Will it fly with or without a C-130?

    And if it is capable of flying itself, are these pictures of it?

    Saludos Amigos
  3. Yeah I might have been lying about the in service date sorry.

    Oh and the fact it weighs 2 tonnes.
  4. And the lasers and the ability to fly...

    It will be called FRES though! Nice pic by the way, lol.
  5. I heard we'll be getting as many as we need, not as many as the beancounters let us have...
  6. I thought the Warrior was being used for this; ie the ones which won't be upgraded with the 40mm cannon? I think the expression used was "Battlegroup support vehicle". Don't tell me they will just be used for moving stores around? Oh and btw, surely it would have been better to build a super APC from Challenger 1 instead of gifting them to Jordan.
  7. Pity the British Government never got round to selling the Israelis the Chieftain, take the multi-fuel engine out the equation and it was one of the World's best tanks, the Israelis would have probably done an APC conversion on it, and Vickers could have converted the phased out British Chieftains in to APCs for HM Armed forces using the Israeli design, such are the stuff of dreams alas!

    Saludos Amigos
  8. They only had access to Two prototypes of the Chieftain tank that were delivered to Israel. Israel invested heavily in the improvement and final development of the Chieftain in close cooperation with British officers and engineers, who worked with them in Israel. But international pressure (oil) or the lack of prevented them from completing the cantracts .

    They did however create the Nagmachon and then the Nakpadon AAPC's from their old centurion tnks.
  9. They're only $750,000 (£375,000) each arnt we paying more for the new Fiat thingy?
  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    But of course you can only make an APC from a tank that has the engine in the front (Merkava) unless you want to be debussing over the turret ring.
  11. Why Can't you shift the power-pack to the front of the vehicle?

    Saludos Amigos
  12. The Jordanians have got round the placement of the powerpack by reversing the direction of travel, so to speak, of the Temsah, (Centurion).