Main Battle Tank by Niall Edworthy

Book set in Telic 1 around the SDG battle group. Tells the story of various encounters between CR2 / Warrior mounted and dis mounted / RM and the Fedayeen or other Iraqi type of enemy. Excellent book from the tankies point of view and demontrates the importance of armour in both armoured and non armoured warfare. Some of it gives you the old goose bumps and makes your hair stand on end when it goes into detail about what the crews were seeing and doing, especially the number of times the CR's were hit with RPG, small arms and on one occasion and anti tank weapon. Very emotive descriptions of the crews reactions and feelings towards seeing the enemy cut apart at X10 magnification.

Would highly recommend it to both tankies and other, might help some of the "why do we waste money on tanks" debates.
Just been given this book and about a third of the way through. Very readable and sounds credibly realistic. It quotes quite a few soldiers by name and in detail, so I assume it is accurate. It covers three SCOTS DG Sqns which fought as part of the SCOTS DG and Black Watch BGs on TELIC 1. There are also mentions of some of the other capbadges in each BG.

Can any SCOTS DGs out there vouch for the accuracy of this book out of curiosity?

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