Main Areas Of Deployment - Powerpoint needed urgently

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lumpy, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Folks....

    Have to give a presentation on British Army deployments round the world to a group, and having looked at the one I prepared earlier, found that its a wee bit out of date....(so far out of date, that it features the Somme as a current front...)

    Does anyone have an up to date powerpoint they could let me have a copy of, which features most current deployments i.e Iraq and Afghanistan? I'd be much appreciative, and also credit would be given where due when the powerpoint was used.....!

    I'd prepare another one, but I'm an IT biff, and dont have the months it would take me to track down all the info i need...That, and I'm basically lazy!


  2. Steady on, do you want longs and lats of bases as well??
  3. Nope....not at all....

    Just a basic powerpoint, with a map, description of the Army's aim in the area and a pic of the lads on the ground for each area deployed to....

    The list I'm working from is : Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Falklands, Cyprus and BATUS.....

    Its basically for civvies, but as said, I'm too much of a fcking mong to be able to do it to a decent standard in time....
  4. Would you ,by any chance,be advising MR J. Howard of OZ?If so,don't bother,he gets his orders from the white house.
  5. To be fair, none of the stuff being asked for is hidden from public consumption!


    Just a quick google revealed that. So the info being asked for is not a OPSEC worry.
  6. I've found that, and also used for info/maps - Problem is assembling all the info into a decent looking powerpoint that doesnt look like its been put together by a blind childs guidedog....