Maimed hero soldier forced out of Army by ConDem cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. Heard this mentioned on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning

    Mirror 16 01 11
    A hero soldier who lost both legs after being blown up in Afghanistan last night told how savage Government cuts are forcing him out of the Army.

    Under pressure to slash troop numbers by 17,000, commanders have told Gavin Harvey, 29, he is no longer of any use to them.

    He is one of the first amputees from the Afghan conflict to be medically discharged – meaning that he will end up jobless and lose his Army home.

    Army mechanic Gavin, who served with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, pleaded with his bosses to change their mind, insisting: “Just because I have lost my legs doesn’t mean I have lost my mind. There are so many jobs I can still do.”

    But they refused to back down and he now faces struggling to provide for his wife Kerry, 26, and their young girls Ella, four, and Millie, two, on a compensation payout and small pension.

    Maimed hero soldier forced out of Army by ConDem cuts -
  2. I think your post confuses providing a decent and adequate support package for an injured soldier unable to continue serving as a fit and able soldier and retaining a disabled man in the Army. There are 2 separate issues here. If you take the position you have argued, I presume you have no difficultly with the Forces recruiting disabled people. I suggest that we need to be very careful if we provide jobs for the disabled as this will quickly be turned against the Forces.

    I therefore contend that the issue that needs forcing on the Government is that these people need support and cannot just be ignored as problems to go away and be looked after by their families.
  3. I'd be more impressed with the Mirror Outrage Bus if it had bothered to ask the questions:

    Who got us into these wars

    Who spent all the money thats forced us into this situation
  4. What he said.
  5. As an aside PAP 10 was introduced during the Labour administration not the Condem one. But, you will not get the leftward leaning press to admit to that or to the other little problems they left their successors in government.
  6. So, as I stated earlier, if we allow disabled people to serve in rear area positions, why can we not recruit disabled people into these appointments. Surely competence and fitness to serve must be cornerstones of the military.
  7. As another aside; it is a pity the mirror was not as concerned about the well-being of servicemen when it was publishing fake photographs of them in Iraq.
  8. This is no big surprise to me it was only a matter of time - he needs to make sure he gets the right advice and use his status as a wounded veteran to get everything he is entitled to including priority rehousing - if anyone reading this knows him he should contact Wigan veterans council regardless of where he lives this is a charity set up by veterans to assist and advise - shame there arent more independent advice centres who understand vets.

    I am ex service currently working on a project to assist families

  9. I'm pretty sure the Corps Welfare WO will be all over this & giving him all the advice he needs. Since he's been in his post which has recently been created, the welfare of REME soldiers & officers injured on Ops has taken a huge stride forward:applaud:

    It is however just like REME to be the first to act on anything, always trying to lead the way (Sir, Sir look at us we're doing just as you asked by getting rid of our non-deployables):censored:

    Wonder if he's going to get one of the famed DEME(A) thanks for your service certificates & wonder where he'll put it:excited:
  10. Sadly my recent experience is that this does not always happen and information is power so the more info he can get the better in my personal opinion. He will also of course get advice from the veterans agency but this will bve limited to 2 years only - and his needs will clearly continue beyond this time.

  11. Army: noun. A large body of people organized and trained for land warfare.
  12. Just what job would you propose he does in the military?

    He will actually be better off out. His injuries will be level 3 under AFCS with a lump sum in the region of £300-£400k, then upon leaving the service, as a Cpl, he will receive a guaranteed income payment (GIP) and disability pension which will probably be in the region of £24k a year, tax free for life.

    There are also various grants to get his home adapted, garden looked after and household maintenance. He will be looked after by H4H, BLESMA and RBL to name a few.

    Finally, as well as the educational abilities open to all serving personnel, he will receive a full assessment of his capabilities and be matched with possible careers, add to this extensive funding to train for the future.

    And that's just the start, so you can shove your dead end MT job up yer arse!

    Matey boy needs to realise that is the end of Army career.
  13. The Civil Service have a good record for employing the disabled, perhaps he could become a MOD Civil Servant.

    That would look like a win-win situation; the MOD get another ex-serviceman and he gets a job where his military experience has some relevance.
  14. Might be a bit of a bone question dingerr! If he had taken out insurance and had that paid out, do the benefits/mod etc take that into account and reduce the payments made? Some benefits are means tested, i am curious to know if the bean counters would for instance say" this guy has enough £££ to pay for his/her own retraining etc.
  15. This should be brought to the attention of people leaving under these circumstances