Mail Supremacy: The newspaper that rules Britain - Article by New Yorker

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by redshift, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Interesting from my (non-British) perspective anyways. Didn't know that DM had expanded so much, largest online paper in the world, apparently.


    How the Daily Mail Conquered England : The New Yorker

    Long article, but decent insights.

  2. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    No comments about house prices, immigration or single mothers then? Your yank brethern haven't QUITE got their finger on the DM just yet ;)
  3. Read the's all there. Thanks Redshift, useful piece, not least the extensive back story on how the Daily Wail was forged from it's relentlessly parvenu beginnings under Sir Halbert 'Armsworth ' A newspaper written ' BY office-boys FOR office-boys '

    I was curious about Lauren Collins (the scribe) so I looked her up on a website called

    The New Yorker profile describes her as a London-based staffer. Journalisted however gives articles from The Guardian and its loss-making sister Sunday The Observer.

    I still haven't figured out if she's an ex-pat 'Dems Abroad' type Noo Yoiker or a London fashionista who's done good in Manhattan.....

    For non-UK readers, The Grauniad ( as it was shamefully dubbed by Private Eye , for its habitual misprints) is the polar oppposite of the Daily Mail.

    If D-M readers can be fairly caricatured as 'The nation's purse-mouthed Mother-In-Law' then Guardian readers equally tend to be vaguely Lefty, cardigan and sandal wearers, yearning for the shabby chic radical politics of their yoof - and will go on a London-based demonstration if only for the nostalgia value , provided the cause fits their rather cramped worldview, who holiday in an English seaside resort called Tresoddit (which they loathe) and are into cycling( greener ), recycling (been doing it for years, long before it became compulsory) and macrame-ing their own macrobiotic yoghurt. Woolly liberals (with a small 'l') who just come unravelled at the edges rather than fading away.

    Interestingly, a survey by PR behemoth Bell Pottinger a few years ago on Internet news sources, said that Mail Online and The Guardian website were the two sites(after BBC News) which attract the most hits.

    My Mum and Dad took the Mail for years - but switched to the Torygraph, mostly for the crossword and because the Times had become ' a Murdoch rag'.
    If you don't find something in any issue of the D-M to raise your blood pressure then the Editor wants to know why...

    New Labour's Master of the Black Arts Alastair Campbell was largely responsible for demonising the paper to the Blairite chatterati, almost to the point where linking to a Mail story is self-defeating, because nobody will take it seriously (so, job done then?) ....but it lives up proudly to the slurs.

    The Youtube ditty is funny - but you can also track down a 'Daily Mail Headline generator' which is worth a it is very accurate.

    Peace ,love and home grown chutney man....
  4. It has to be said, much as most of the content is the normal Mail-esque bile and stories criticising the appearance of various non-famous celebrities (who in the name of God are the Kardashians and why are they famous?), the layout of the website is by some margin the best of all the papers. Only the Telegraph one really comes near it in my opinion.
  5. Huh ?

    I'm guessing you didn't spot the little sticker on the New Yorker site that says 'View as one page'...the article runs on a bit....nice hatchet job though....I wonder if Mizz Collins would care for a cosy pint of pinot grigio at the Frontline Club ?
  6. They really have missed the point, the real reason behind the Daily Heil's sales sucess has nothing to do with the rampant fascism of it's drug crazed journos, it's all to do with the absorbancy, yet it doesn't disintegrate on first contact with piss, and has just enough rolled mass to knock seven types of shit out of an errant spaniel pup!
  7. 'Last year, its lawyers shut down a proxy site that allowed liberals to browse the Mail Online without bumping up its traffic.'

    So there you have the interesting prospect of the Guardian readers, and a lot of posters here, using the Mail Online for info whilst at the same time wibbling on about how crap it is; Daily Hate, Daily Wail. etc. When queried about the number of threads started off the back of the Mail, one interesting answer was 'Its free' So the average cheapskate lefty will happily grab free and cheap stuff while prattling on about their own right on beliefs. Hypocrites.

    It would be interesting if all posts with Mail Online cut and pastes were banned from Arrse for a couple of weeks.
  8. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I'll confess to not reading the link. I just dropped in a slightly amusing quip while waiting for the pain killers to kick in.