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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mark1234, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone else had stuff come through the post saying if you don't want it return it by ringing an 0870 number (which can be used by companies to generate additional revenue).

    Had some encyclopedias come through the door from the Folio society, I didn't want them, didnt want my tidy house cluttered up with sh!t so left them in the back garden where I keep my building supplies.

    Although I did wrap a rubble sack round them, no doubt they are probably pretty water damaged by now but I really don't give a f*ck seeing as I never asked to baby sit some crappy books.

    I have since had several letters from the "debt recovery manager" talking about my order and threataining me with legal action, can they really have any grounds for legal action?

    Since I am neither a member nor ever expressed an interest in any mail order books or signed any sort of contract.

    My attitude is if they want the books they can come and fetch them themselves without expecting me to pay them for the phone call for something I didn't ask for, it's not my responsibility, that's fair enough isnt it?

    BTW these 0870 numbers are only about 60p a minute so the most it's gonna cost is about two quid but that's not the point is it.
  2. £2? and the rest, its bound to be a recording of someone welcoming you to the company, giving out is website details, then about 6 options, followed by more options, probably about 5 minutes by the time a human comes on the line.
  3. This has happened to me.

    Don't pay up whatever you do or send the books back.

    Write back to them with a letter or when they call simply say that as they sent you sent the books unsolicited and with no request from yourself you binned them.

    Let them take you to court. Trust me it wont ever happen, and if they are stupid enough to do it, you, your lawyer and the magistrate will laugh them straight back out and down the road.

    Insure you are polite at all times with them but be firm. Also if you enter any written correspondence with them you must put the words "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" before the main content of your letter (Legalese to stop them using the letter against you in a court).
  4. Consider the books a free gift. They have no contract and therfore no claim.
  5. Layman's answer

    Unsolicited Goods Act
    It is illegal for a trader to threaten you for payment of goods that you have not ordered. It is this Act which protects you.

    If you receive unsolicited goods, then you can:

    Keep them for six months before disposing of them
    Contact the seller and tell them about delivery. The retailer then has one month to recover the goods.
    Always keep a note of all communication with the trader.

    see link below...........

    More long winded techy answer see link below........

  6. That's pretty much what I thought.

    Was it the same company, and how did it work out in the end, did they just stop bothering you?
  7. Well seing as they can afford to lose a lot of them, they must be proper sh!te.
  8. Just keep the goods, they are yours if someone sends unsolicited items

    Here you go:
    Source: LINK


    Source: LINK
  9. Thankyou for the advice everyone.

    As regards this six month thing, am I to understand that if you dispose of them before this time you are breaking the law?

    I wonder if leaving them outside for foxes and cats to lag on counts as disposing of them?
  10. You should write to the company and tell them that the books arrived unsolicited and you do not want them. You may then notify them that you will charge them a storage fee until they are collected. This soon gets a response, if only that they tell you to keep them.
  11. Hadn't thought of that, that's a damn good idea. :D
  12. I told them as much on the phone and it kind of flabbergasted them for a second or two, they put me on hold for a few seconds and said they would call me back. They never did.

    The law is very clear and these scamming bastards work on the presumption you won't know it. Don't worry about any legal threats. You'll own their arrse in any courtroom.