Mail reckons new type of illegal on the way.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. Quite a straight-forward process:

    1. General election. LibDems win convincing 75% majority vote.

    2. Hell freezes over.

    3. Wolfie pack trots across the ice.

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  2. We've had them here in Germany again for quite a few years now and I'm still to bump into one in the night!
  3. There's me thinking the thread's about The Mail advocating a new two-tier legal stystem; one for working folk, and one for doley-scrounging darkies or Chavs

  4. i imagine they'll arrive on our shores via some sort of Daily Mail perfect storm where they apply for, and recieve student visas to come and study here then seek asylum which although eventually denied we're still unable to send them back because of the likelihood of them being shot dead on return.

    if only Diana were here, then things would be okay.
  5. Pet passport and the tunnel?
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  6. I forget quite how ridiculously far fetched and shit the daily mail is, until an article like this serves as a reminder.
  7. Fuck, scuppered they will be here in their thousands.
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  8. They've been here for years - just don't go out on the moors when it's a full moon

  9. Nicking our jobs and claiming benefits and pulling our sluts in the night clubs etc etc.
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  10. Not to mention the thieving and fucking the sheep. Sorry fucking OFF with the sheep.
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  11. Poofs. My kodiak bear will chase away your mean ol' bad wolf. ;-)

  12. Coming here with their leather jackets and white socks, spilling pints and touching up birds.
  13. I think we're safe. Even wolves wouldn't willingly share a land mass with readers of the DM.
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