Mail Order Internet Brides (from America)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hornepils, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Everything I ever looked for in a woman... and a green card besides! :twisted:

    Mind you, who the hell would sign their kids up to this? :?
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  3. only in america could they come up with it ,,on line,,go to india and its cheeper....
  4. Land of the "Free"?

    yeah, right...

    Stinks of paedophilia to me...
  5. Ugh... even with the exchange rate being as good as it is at the moment, i doubt I'd be willing to shell out $99,950 on this monster.....

    Quote of the whole site has to be:
    "At first we were worried that Janine was too young to get married, but then her new husband bought her a house and a car and jewelry and the money we got let us buy a house for ourselves. Getting out of the trailer park at our age was the best thing that ever happened to us, and it’s all thanks to Marry Our Daughter!"


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  6. Please tell me thats a p*ss take.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Does anyone offer discounts on multiple or bulk purchases :?
  8. its just not right
  9. Well its not illegal.


  10. whats the returns policy? Is it a standard 28 days or is it a similar policy to underwear - once tried, no returns?
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Maybe some offer a try-before-you-buy policy?

    You would need to check the guarantee and service manual to be sure on return policy....
  12. Im gonna buy one and see if it arrives before those books I just ordered from Amazon.
  13. I notice you have it autographed Sandman, What about your Gary Glitter collection?