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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Help4Heroes_London, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. For every copy of the Mail on Sunday sold tomorrow, 31st January, 5p will be donated to HELP for HEROES. Approximately 2 million copies are sold every week, meaning a donation of somewhere in the region of £100,000 but it would be great if even more copies were sold, so if you're out getting a paper tomorrow, please choose the Mail on Sunday.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Would it be acceptable to just throw 5p in the next H4H collection pot?
  3. Well, dont normally like reading papers, but i think ill give in to buy one, increase my literacy too. :D
  4. I'd rather strap on a little black number and hang around Soho, sucking off AIDS infected immigrant punters for 5p a shot.

    Just made a £5 donation to save any ARRSErs the temptation (proof here).
  5. :D I was going to say "unless anyone has ideological objections to buying the Mail on Sunday"! I know the Mail is a bit like Marmite in how it divides people, but if you're ambivalent to which Sunday paper you take, choose the Mail on Sunday.
  6. What's really going on here? Why are MoS latching on to The Sun's pet charity?

    All money raised to the good, but I really hope there are no detrimental undercurrents.
  7. H4H has a lot of supporters from all walks of life - The Sun just happens to be a well known supporter, but that should not detract anyone else from supporting the charity and I hope that it doesn't.
  8. I've never bought the Mail on Sunday before but I'm willing to dirty myself just the once. I shall shove the paper in the nearest bin or see if I can persuade a tramp to take it off my hands.
    Bought the Christmas cards and sent them out to all my customers, you'd be amazed how many commented on them. Been sending Cancer Research cards for years previously and never had that reaction.
  9. Sorry the MoS is utter tripe, so instead I will put the full price of the paper into the H4H collecting tin in the newsagents while buying The Sunday Telegraph - which has the advantage of being well written and non-racist
  10. Yep, afraid so.

    I'll make a donation whilst buying the Sunday Times and Observer!
  11. All donations gratefully received - thanks folks! [​IMG]