Mail 'Humour' Op HERRICK 15 - Deletion

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Rabid Chihuahua, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. Why, out of interest?
  2. Because it was a crap thread.


    Because therealdavevans posted a picture of coxy93.
  3. I reckon one of the Mods is a precious Postie.
  4. Mods - you'll be accused of being unable to take criticism by proxy. The video is on youtube, no persec has been breached... whats the issue?
  5. PERSEC was breached due to 'therealdaveevans' being a **** yet again and being vaguely good with google pictures.
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  6. Can't believe I have missed it. What search will find it on You Tube? I have tried everything vaguely obvious without success.
  7. Fixed that for you Harry.
  8. Well, in a way he didn't, the picture came up in google, so it was already on the internet. So it was your own fault for putting it up on the internet. I never will understand people who put pictures up on the internet and then get upset when the pictures end up all over the place. If you put a picture up anywhere on the internet, expect it to be abused.

    Anyway, it wasn't a reason to delete a whole thread, the mods have the ability to delete posts as well....even edit posts.
  9. bugger, all that typing and you had already pointed it out!
  10. Sorry Cabana youre misinformed, that particular picture was taken by some press photographer when we did a parade up in Yorkshire earlier this year.
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  11. You let a press photographer take your name?
  12. Wow! a soldier photographed om parade? How on earth did that happen!
  13. Coxy is a self appointed guardian of things that he or she judges that we all ought to think are important or have "implications" for security, racial harmony, or just wibble things really.