Maidstone war memorial vandalised

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Invicta, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. I was walking through Brenchley Gardens in Maidstone with Mrs Invicta today when I noticed that the memorial for the Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment has been vandalised.

    The word "porn" had been written in large pink letters underneath 'XXX' part of the roman numerals date for the end of WWI.

    Brenchley Gardens is a gathering place for large groups of teenagers during the day and I strongly suspect that one of them is to blame - though have absolutely no proof of who is responsible, otherwise I wolud have contacted the police.

    I've reported the graffitti to Maidstone Council via their website, so hopefully it will get cleaned off quickly.

    However, just in case the council decides to take its time, I've included a link to their website. If any other ARRSEr's want to message them with additional reports of the graffitti it may prompt them into quicker action on monday.

    I'd appreciate as much help as possible with this as vandalism of war memorials really grips my shite!
  2. Tried to report but kept giving me an error of "invalid email address" whenever I submitted.
    Sacked it in the end.
  3. Repored and made my feelings known..
  4. Also reported. Admit to being disappointed, Maidstone is my home town and the Royal West Kents were the county regiment. Thank you for reporting this and attaching the link.
  5. what about organising an arrse clean up
  6. I swear, if I ever saw cnuts defacing a War Memorial I'd take the law into my own hands.
  7. I did think about going back with assorted cleaning implements, but the sad thing is in this day and age it probably would have been me who'd be hauled over the coals for 'damaging' the memorial with my scrubbing brush.
  8. Reported by me also. Hopefully it will be cleaned off first thing tomorrow morning
  9. Can I suggest toilet paper and bathing?
  10. Couple of years ago I caught someone wiping their arse on a Poppy Wreath after curling one out on the memorial, instead of taking the law into my hands, I used it and the result is...

    2 and a half years custodial
    7 years Sex Offenders Register.

    He was done for Desecration of a War memorial
    Outrage and Public Decency
    Criminal Damage.

    It made my day when I heard what he got, Chav Scumbag.
  11. Outstanding result. 7 years on the Sex Offenders Register, how come?
  12. msr

    msr LE

  13. The Exposure Charge he was given was cos he bared his dick to a passing car that contained Children.... of the Muslim variety.
  14. Snipers in the bushes?

    Or just a mob of ArRSers waiting nearby.... with a car boot on standby, and a mincing machine.