Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by no1cares, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Anyone based at Ay Nik circa 1990-1994??

    Do you remember the little veggie/fruit shop, just off the main roundabout??? I think it was next door to the coppers???

    The woman in there was called 'Mahroola' or something. She used to be a right skank.
  2. Yes, but fortunately as a singly didn't really have any reason to go there! Probably only went there twice in my tour!
  3. For a perv?

    You dirty barsteward!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It was the last shop before the roundabout or turn off up to the UKBC club, dog pound if I remember correctly. No there are all new quarters around there.
  5. I don't remember her having that?
  6. You never phoned her so she had a tat' of you in a personal place as a reminder of a wonderful night!
  7. busted
  8. Mahroolas was fine. But for a singly recovering from a night in Napa, nothing beat Mukkas just outside the Tech Block
  9. don't remember mukkas - spent alot of time giving mahroola the good news.
  10. Aye. Those Milkshakes were awesome. With a nice Cyprus salad sarnie. Yummsville.
  11. Pads used to get there gas from her shop it was next door to the SBA coppers office I think.
    As for muckers the best bacon and Haloumi baps ever.Mind you the pig roast at Muzzies compound outstanding my years there 93-96
  12. ahhhhhh Muzzie, was he the gardener??? (general handyman)
  13. Muzzie was the king of the turk helpers he and his merry band used to do odd jobs round the camp mainly for 1 Sqn and the mechs
  14. As a singlie 90 to 95 (2 tours), only ever went to the Bank, no need to go to a veggie shop,

    Mukkas, was the dogs when it came to an eggburger after a heavy night down NAPA.

    Best of the lot had to be Pandy's laundry service, just fill in the book leave out a bundle of fezzing clothes and all came back clean and pressed.

    Is the bar towards the turkish border still there (left out of the gate) ?? cant remeber the name......