Magtech Rifle Ammunition

Has anyone here tried Magtech rifle ammunition? Just spotted it for sale over here, and thought that it looked interesting as I've used Magtech pistol ammo for a while.

It's quite cheap as well, as 180 grain .308 Winchester costs 3 DKR per round (37p -ish). They've got some soft points as well for 4 DKR which is probably the cheapest full bore hunting ammunition I've seen yet.

.223 55gn and .308 150gn are good for about 2.5-3 MOA.


Magtech is the trade name of CBC based in San Paulo, Brazil.

They are a major league small arms ammo manufacturer, producing everthing from .22RF to .50. Whilst not perhaps in the Lapua league for accuracy, the stuff they make seems to be of good quality, works well in most circumstances and is usually well priced...
Cheers guys. I'll give it a go at the weekend then.

Stoatman, just curious but how much are you paying for it down in Holland? What about you Croque_Monsieur, what is the price in (France?)? .223 is the same price as the .308 here.
C_M lives here as well...

Last time I bought any, which was a few years ago, 308 was about EUR43/100.

Never bought any 223, it was given to me.
I'm just back from the range, and it's not bad at all. It shoots a bit lower than the South African surplus I have been using (about 4-6 inches at 100m), which is due to the heavier projectile I suppose (180 grains as opposed to 147 grains).

I was getting groupings of around three-four inches, which considering the iron sights, the heavy trigger and my mediocre shooting skills, I was quite pleased with.


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