Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tartan_Terrier, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Great bits of kit

  2. Waste of money- gaffa tape is just as good

  3. Only for airsofters

  1. Having seen a few people using them over here, I was wondering if they were popular bits of kit in the UK too.

    Anyone use them?
  2. Not seen any in use over here, though I hear they're useful in other climates.
  3. I used them on Herrick IV, really good bit of kit, It was designed by a former US Marine. Worth investment.
  4. Do you get any problems with getting them into standard PLCE mag pouches? (I am assuming we are talking about the little rubber things that go over the end of the mag, with a loop on?)
  5. I use the box standard pouch, but they have a tailored velcro closure strap, so doesn't present a problem.

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  6. Top bit of kit,
    Goes against the skillies who tell you to have the mags uppermost in your pouches, great if you want to loose the top round!
    I've always gone with mags down so the magpuls have taken over from my harry black and paracord improvisation!
  7. I'm Skill at Bullets, but I would clearly tell all I were training to place Mags Down, always have done for the reason stated. (That is also taught on the course)
  8. I stand corrected, must have had some duff info in the past
  9. All SAA instructors have told me never to stick mags business end down... ah well! :D
  10. Well i've never had a problem with mag down on A1/A2, so i'll stick with it if it's right or wrong! with my magpul.

    Has anyone used the dust caps for mags too, not sure if they are made by magpul? Not sure how practical they are?
  11. Great bit of kit.. a lot of our lads over here use them.. bit pricey though.. best Ive seen is 3 for £10.99 - and theyre only bits of rubber after all !
  12. If you look at the link, they are priced at 2.50 each.
  13. Are you a SAA Instr or SASC?

    The SASC have always preached never to put magazines top down to prevent damage to the lips of the mag.

    I am SAA and always place them top down, so as never to loose the first round.

    Going back to the gucci magplus bit of kit, way back on Telic 1, I acquired a similar piece of kit from the Yanks. It was a clear rubber cover that fitted over the top of the mag, it easily flipped off with your thumb prior to fitting the mag to your weapon, and as well as keeping the top round in place it kept sand out, fantastic!!
  14. It is natural to grasp the base of the Mag before placing on the weapon. There would require a bit of juggling if they were the other way round.