Magnum Spiders 8"

Has any one got any experiance of these boots? im thinking of getting a pair but im not quite sure of them.

Thanks Twiggerz
Look like a tit, get wet feet, sprain an ankle but get good times on CFTs. Then, go on ex in your Lowas and be knackered all the time because you're not used to wearing heavier, stiffer boots.

But it's your money.
OK I admit I've got a pair!

The fit seems a bit unusual & they seem be have a foam like shock absorber in the sole, which makes them feel weird when walking around.

OK for wandering around town to the pub etc, but totally useless for out & about in wilds as they don't seem particularly waterproof due to the mesh side panels.

Not had a close look, but the eyelets seem to be plastic apart from where your ankle joint is, instead of an eyelet there is a nylon loop which I don't think will last long.

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