Magnum ELITE 900 8" LEATHER WP Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by geniusatwork, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Been thinking about buying a pair of Magnum ELITE 900 8" LEATHER WP Boots

    Anybody use these boots?
    What they like comfort wise and for tabbing?
    Do they provide good ankle support?

  2. Comfortable.
    Don't use them for tabbing or anything cross country as they (a) aren't too well supported around the ankle (b) have fairly shallow cleats and (c) don't have overly stiff construction over the upper arch of the foot.
    They are excellent for plodding about.
    They've got light insulation and the usual waterproof membrane.
    Bottom line: not a combat boot. Useful for urban stuff.
  3. Last Post 100% CORRECT

    Very comfortable..... I brought some....

    So after breaking in I wore them in the field for some hard tabbing and couldn't walk after a couple of days....

    Result, one messed up ankle and lot's of physio!

    I know they seem good but trust me.....

    Wait a month, save the difference and buy some Lowas.....
  4. Thanks for the replies, thought they wouldn't be any good for tabbing etc. just wanted some opinions.

    What about the HanWag Special Forces Gore-Tex GTX boots? in the same price range as Lowas.

    Anyone know any good suppliers for either the HanWag boots or Lowas?

  5. While we are on the subject, I've worn most types of Magnum Hi-tecs for over 10 years on and off duty and can seriously say they are excellent - but only for urban use!

    I need to get some boots for light tabbing/field work with my Air cadets. What about issue pro-boots, unlined? I hear the gore tex ones have advantages, but if they do get wet, they stay wet longer than the unlined ones. Any truth in that? Last time I wore a military boot it was DMS high, and it did me no good at all!