Magnum boots against Normal issue boots.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by RoB123, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I have been doing CCF for a school year and a half. Been on camp and an overnight. later this year going to Frimley CTC, a 48 hour overnight and a camp. Also carring on with ccf for another 2 years as an NCO.

    just wondering whether its worth paying for a pair of magnumesqe boots as mine arent even Army issue assault??

  2. Magnum Boots?! Lounge lizard wear - avoid.
  3. Really? do you reckon its worth forking out for that style of boot or not?
  4. No, they are sh1te.

    I get issued them in my current Unit, and don't wear them.

    Again, sh1te.
  5. If you are going to do a long road march in the dry - Niemegan or something similar - then the Magnums can be not bad. They used to issue the tan version as desert boots – and still do if you have weird size feet :D - I hated them.

    As actual combat boots they're not great - you'll want something that is properly waterproof for trekking around the various miserable bits of the UK cadet camps are held in and they don't have that much ankle support. A good fitting set of issue boots would be ideal - as a cadet, I can't recommend you go the Lowa / Altberg route that I would to somebody earning money from it. You should be spending your limited cash on birds and booze. Leave the ally stuff (i.e. not Magnums) for when / if you join up properly.

    I think I used to wear DMs (Classic 10s, if you're interested) when I was in the CCF - but this was so long ago that Caesar was still a lance-jack. Not often, admittedly, as I was a piper so was in kilt and brogues most of the time. You had to order the ones with the black soles specially, IIRC.
  6. Magnums are terrible avoid at all costs! No ankle support etc etc
  7. Issue CH will be fine as you will not be taking part in overly exerting phys. Lowas are good for tabbing but are quite heavy. I personally have Two pairs(one issue) because my spacker feet get chewed up in issue CH.
  8. Magnums are comfortable & need no breaking-in, but as other posters have said provide poor ankle support. I've also found they make your feet hot & release much salt staining (probably just my sweaty feet), but the biggest downside is they only last a couple of years before the soles are worn down or holed - from normal daily walking!
    For the last reason I've now invested in a pair of Lowa Patrols, as where I now work requires walking over muddy/boggy ground on a daily basis, where ankle support needs to be better & soles need to grip.
  9. You could actually do far worse than get yourself a set of these:
    With postage etc, they'll cost you about a pony. I wear them all the time and I've just ordered a new pair after five years, although I only paid £16 at the time.

    The reason I buy and wear them is because I only take size six, so just about the only places I can get men's shoes/boots to fit is South-East Asia or Italy. I can't recommend these boots enough.

  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I've had a few pairs of magnums - the temperate issued ones were like sandpaper, ripping away at the ankle.

    The latest pair I've got - the 'leather' is coming away halfway down almost at the sole.

    Don't bother, they are like cheapo trainers. Hi Tek have always been a poor manufacturer.
  11. Just buy some army issue assault.

    I've been doing cadets for 4 years and have been on 2 week camps with them. They do the job pretty well in my opinion providing you take good care of them.

    Being an NCO however that shouldn't be a problem :)
  12. ACF son't get given boot's.
  13. I've Been Doing ACF for 5 And Half Year's Now, 4 Camps In Summer And Many Countless Weekend.
    My Mag's Tore Up On SCIC, Which May I Say We HAd CCF Cadet's on Who Couldn't March LooL
    Or Do Much Else To Be Fair ;)
  14. Magnums are ok for wandering to the pub & back but crap for anything else as they are just not heavy duty enough.
  15. I can't see anybody suggesting that you do, unless you read davys's message as "the boots you were issued with" rather than "issue pattern boots".

    But they might be a little less challenged in the English language department?

    To be honest, after 8 years as a cadet piper (the rules were different then - I was allowed to join at 10), and despite numerous drill instructors in my 22+ years of adult service I still have intermittent "swinging the left arm properly" issues.