Magilligan Nick - I R Hamps

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by No_Duff, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. I was attached to 1R Hamps in NI mid/late 70's Ballykelly.

    At some point during the tour the Regiment went into Magilligan Nick to search and clear the IRA compound, for some reason that escapes me I went in as well. It was like a Roman Legion, formed up in a solid square, the lads at the edges had their shields on the outside and shields went up over our heads as well, it must have looked like a mobile Makralon box. Among other things we found loads of Poteen being brewed in dustbins. Anyway what I'd like to know was what was the date this happened ?
  2. Remind me to check the regimental history to see if I can find any mention of it.
  3. I remember the search well. I was a Sect Comd in 'B' Coy at the time. I recall a member of the RE search team coming out of the compound with a very realististic wooden Armalite that had been tucked away in the insulation of the nissen hut.

    I think it was spring/summer of 1977.
  4. After much delay I have just checked the Regiment's history and find no reference to this.
  5. As I remember it, it wasn't a Bn operation. I can't recall the exact rotation tasks, but it was two weeks in the sticks, (my platoon was based at Dungiven RUC barracks), then two weeks in Ballykelly doing guard duties, Province Reserve and various other tasks.

    This particular search was a Brigade operation, and B Coy were Province Reserve at the time. The actual search was conducted by RE search teams whilst B Coy provided back up to the compound security. It was a very warm and sunny day, as I recall.
  6. Thanks go to you & Tiger

    I've got somewhere a couple of the Tiger Rag mags, I'll see if they mention it.