Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by OKCHU, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Mister Buck and his partner Mister Tilley were a world famous magic double act and were on a tour of prisons and mental institutions. While at one establishment for persons with mental health problems they had just started their act when this guy stood up and yelled, “Niv us a nong, niv us a nong!”

    Mister Buck said gently, “We are Mr Buck and Mr Tilley the world famous magicians, we don’t sing songs.” Then they carried on with the magic trick.

    A short while later the guy gets up again and yells, “Niv us a nong, niv us a nong!”

    Again Mister Buck said, “We are Mr Buck and Mr Tilley, we are a magic act and we do not do songs!” Once more they carried on with their act.

    Another minute went by and this guy gets up again and yells, “Niv us a nong, niv us a nong!”

    This time Mister Buck has lost it totally and yells back, “I’ve told you, we are Buck & Tilley and we don’t do songs!”

    Guy yells back, “Yeah and I’m buckin’ tilly too, now niv us a nong!”