Magic mushrooms finally outlawed

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Even the Tories weren't brazen enough to do this, but now it's happened -

Mushroom loophole closed:

Buyers and sellers of magic mushrooms will no longer be able to take advantage of a loophole in the law which did not specify that fresh forms of the fungi were illegal. The class A drug - whether dry, packaged or fresh - is now banned.

It's now illegal to possess, prepare, supply, buy or sell this natural fungus with hallucinogenic properties. As far as I'm concerned, how dare the government place a ban on a naturally occurring fungus? OK, it's psycho-active, but let us do what we want to our own bodies. Some of us don't want to be channelled, directed or pushed around by your invasive, shitty legislation or your insistence that we conform to your crappy idea of what a model citizen should be. Alcohol and cigarettes are far more dangerous - as has been proven. DO ONE, BLAIR.
Fried breakfasts will never be the same without them, They shall not grow out of the ground at night, at the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remushroom them.

That graphic was ridiculously large........ PTP
Magic Mushrooms gone? Dude, like disaster , like no way Jose :(

That's it, I might as well shelve the plans for "Old PTP's Special Bolognese sauce"
Do one yourself. If you're in the mob, then you are a tw@t. If not, then I don't care what your views are on shrooms. Heroin poppies grow naturally too you knobber.

If I am relying on someone to stand shoulder to shoulder to me, armed and ready to do damage, the very last thing I want to be worried about is him having flashbacks attributed to shrooms - or anything else for that matter. It happens - college mates that were TA & used to brew them up on ex were still getting flashbacks 4 yrs later.

Now please keep your rattling to yourself - badly informed or no idea about your target audience. I was a willing volunteer into the Armed Forces and I accept that there are things I can't do that people making other choices can do. Getting off my face on halucenogenic drugs happens to be one of them.
That's a relief...I thought I'd been barred from ARRSE!!!!!!
The only problem is that these mushrooms actually grow wild, without cultivation... Anyone that's been to Salisbury might know they can find Magic Mushrooms in the Cathedral grounds most years!

As I understand it, there is concern about this new law because farmers could now be prosecuted for unknowingly having the mushrooms on their land. If you have acres or even miles of field / wood / forest etc, how are you going to feasibly comb through every square foot in case a wild fungus pops up?
Mr_C_Hinecap said:
" Heroin poppies grow naturally too you knobber."
heh heh...Right on Mr C! Can't remember where cannabis comes from either... :lol:

Mr C is absolutely right though. You don't want men and women running armed around the hooloo off their face on anything, let alone halucinigens. At least CDT addresses the problem to an extent, although in 14 years in the TA, they've never knocked on our gate. They need to do more testing.
yes but if your not in the military and plan to get off your face.
never heard of anyone dieing from a mushroom ?
exactly what is the problem here?
is it just hippy bashing or is there a problem ?
maybe they can join up with the CA though may not be much use for walking in a straight line to protest.
also do u think this is going to stop anyone using mushrooms at all?
I really have no problem with the general public doing pretty much what they want and get off their faces - AS LONG as they do not put others at risk by their actions (driving under the influence etc). More power to them.

However, you may not have noticed that this is a military website and I am speaking from the position of current serving military. If you want to bang on about something here, make it one we might give a toss about. If you want to bang on about shrooms, try or
Frenchie.......your defense of the mushroom would suggest you are a regular user.......explains sooooo much about your sad views of life.
Northern_Biff said:
Frenchie.......your defense of the mushroom would suggest you are a regular user.......explains sooooo much about your sad views of life.
Did you mean 'could' suggest? Wrong anyway - never touched them. So my 'sad' views of life must be the product of something else. Now let's see what it could be - too much indulgence in beer, wine, the occasional funny cigarette - but more probably it's the result of avoiding the output of the newspapers listed below; questioning every single thing that is presented to me as 'the truth'; and keeping an open mind - despite the steady onslaught from whoever it may be who wants me to conform to their idea of what the model citizen should be.

So the Sunday Sport and The Guardian are good truthful reads then are they? :roll:
Frenchy - t'es un putain, tu fais la pipe chaque nuit avec des hommes poilus, et tu te fais plaisir avec ton propre caca.

*translation by PM - please quote original, cos I've had a few & will have forgotten... ;)
Mr. C said
Heroin poppies grow naturally too you knobber.

Rong. Opium poppies grow naturally. Herione is manufactured.

Brighton hippy said
never heard of anyone dieing from a mushroom ?

Heaps of em. All over Europe for starters.
Pleased I could help
were those magic mushrooms
or mistaken identity.
from all the drug education courses I've magic mushrooms are way down on the toxicity social hazard scale. dealt with speed crack heroin addicts and cannabis addicts but not shroom addicts so not sure if there a real problem the UN does'nt seem them as a problem either.
never used them no intention of using them :roll:
Well as the shrooms are now banned I will have to increase the imports of those lickable frogs.

Or have they made frogspawn illegal as well now?? :)


Book Reviewer
As the great and wonderful Terry Pratchett wrote, all Fungi are edible - once....

As to where Cannabis comes from - field firing last year in Khazakhstan, and the ranges were covered in the stuff. Putting out range fires took on a whole new dimension :)

When we got back to Brize, there were no sniffer dogs present, as they would have had a fit!

When I get back home I'll upload some pictures - Big C Sativa bushes make great Cam....
Didn't do any drugs whilst I was in. Too many years bashing my kidney's with Goppin NAAFI beer, time for a change. A few mushrooms/Spliffs at the weekend, round a mates house, giggle like kids, no fighting, no kebab stained shirts, no waking up with mingers, no hangovers, and no flashbacks. No Problem. Canny see the harm. Banning them is not going to change anything apart from the Price, if you cant be arsed donning your wellies and picking them yourself that is!!!

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