Magic Cam Nets

I thought I'd share my joy at the discovery that my Unit possesses magic cam nets! I can only assume that this patchwork of green string and scrim is imbued with some mystical quality as underneath it exercising troops require no helmet and can break most forms of counter surveillance control measures. So secretive is the technology involved that the minute you step from underneath its umbrella of ballistic protection the SSM screams at everyone to be in full CEFO, helmet and cam cream!

They need to get this stuff in Iraq to put over their corrimechs, although it’s clearly not that dangerous over there as they are allowed to wear floppy hats!
May have mentioned this before, but once went on an exercise where there was extra special attention paid to ensuring personnel in the open wore helmets, webbing etc when outside the safety of the cam nets.

Imagine our delight one day when a Field Officer was seen having a strip wash outside his net clad in BCH, shreddies, webbing and helmet. Why he had decided to have a wash in the open and how he thought his fluorescent white skin would not be visihble remains a mystery to this day!
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