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  1. Apart from the Miners strike , I was wondering why so many people hate Maggie? I work on the railway now, and one of my collegues hates her to the max.

    He come out with stories of sacking dockers prior to Falklands '82, then re-enstating them.

    Did she destroy our manufacturing capabilites?
    Were we in the brink of a KGB coup in the 70's?

    Just some of your good thoughts fellahs......



  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    She was responsible for 3 Million Unemployed, used unemployment as a tool to regulate the economy, was responsible for taking the utilities into private ownership, destroyed social (council) housing, said that there was "no such thing as society", destroyed the coal, steel, and ship-building industries, and got re-elected in 1982 on the strength of the military fixing a failed foreign policy.

    There will be fcuking in the streets when the old hag finally pops her clogs, and as one of the 3 Million, I will happily dance on her grave.
  3. Poll Tax,shoot the hag.
  4. I will join you. Mind you she did give the Army a 7.5% pay rise! then took it off us with poll tax!
  5. Hated, but she had more balls than most and was pro-British, which can't be said for more recent PMs (and their underlings).
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I'd forgotten about the poll tax, and the rioting in Liverpool, Manchester, Lincoln, London and sundry other places. I'd also forgotten about the social engineering that led to begging on the streets, a police force (well a number of them actually) that were forcibly distanced from the communities that they were supposed to police, cars with more than three people in them being turned around at the county boundary (happened to me on the way to a hockey match), a politicised senior civil service (much more so than now), and of course such well thought out policies as section 28 of the Local Government Act.

    Sod dancing, I'm going to party like it's 1999.
  7. Then, as I recall, 'staged' every pay rise thereafter. I can't remember getting a staged pay rise in recent years. Okay, so it only tracks inflation, but at least we now get the lot from 1 Apr, rather than the old, "You'll get 2% from the 1st of April and the other 1.5% from the 1st of January next year."!
  8. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP


    I respect your right to shoot Maggie, much as I love her dearly, but you in turn must respect my democratic right to bomb the shit out of the w@nker @ No 10. :D

    15 all, me thinks.

    Easymoney to serve next. :wink:
  9. Ah the Community Charge, intended to get a more realistic/fair method of raising local funds. Poorly implemented in certain circumstances I'll grant you, but remember that the old (UNFAIR, UNFAIR they said) rating system was up for review. The porridge wogs got it first as their system was running out a year earlier than ours.

    Anyone coming for the blessed Margaret has to get over my (not inconsiderable) body.

    Tthe 3 million unemployed was because the turds that pulled the levers (ie trades unions) were ruining what industry there was, and new investors were afraid to lose their capital.

    Oh - how many unemployed have we now ..... in old terms, not the new-labour new-maths number?.

    Ah, time for a beer in honour of a wonderful Baroness. I'll return in the morning in case there's any incoming.
  10. Balls........

    i saw the thread title and assumed the mad old c unt had finally bit the dust....

    I shall put my dancing shoes away again until the news changes.
  11. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Ah Whiffler, how true.

    In new money, allowing for inflation and including all the work shy "self employed" on tax credits, I would put it at 1.65 million unemployed + 800,000 self employed claiming tax credit as a sort of basic wage whilst doing no work. A sort of quid pro quo for keeping the unemployment figure down. By my reckoning that's 2.45 million non-workers in a country that has a falling birth rate and 5.5% unemployment.

    Read this
  12. I lived thro' Leyland, Red Robbo, Miners strikes, Scargill
    Rail, dockers, iron and steel, 3 day week etc etc.

    We lived amongst the "workers"
    To this day they turn my stomach.
    Free speach they shouted and in the same breath "scabs out"
    My father was sure we were on the brink of a communist takeover.
    (Anyone remember Clockwork Orange?- not the film.)

    They needed bringing into the modern world and Maggie did that, but like all politicians she was eventually blinded by her vision.
    She forgot government is a team and not one individual and you have to stop cutting when blood runs.

    So I think good at the start but she was guilty of failing read the signs and evolve.
  13. She's marmite.... You either love it or hate it ;)
  14. The unions may have needed bringing into the modern world but Maggie herself failed to look far enough into the future when she dessimated our industry. By creating a low wage service economy we're in no position now to compete with the newley emerging economies and indeed superpower China who can provide all the cheap labour in world. We will never get our wages low enough to compete with them (though she surely tried) so we needed to invest in engineering and the like ( remember when this country used to do engineering). We haven't and we no longer have the base to do so. We have a reletively high standard of living at the moment because of the cheap goods we buy from these countries - we do not make our own- these goods will not be as cheap for us forever as their economies develope and the exchange rate fluctuates. When that happens god help our standard of living.

    Maggie started down this path and we have followed with this Labour government. The Tories were just more blatant
  15. she put tax on fish and chips!