Maggie Thatcher (peace be upon her) and Scotland

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. Isnt it time the Scots let go of their dislike for our wonderful mags, Scotland would nt be the place it is today without the help of Maggie,surely Maggie done a better Job in Managing Scottish affairs than Salmond!!
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  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Would you like some petrol to pour onto that one ;-)
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  3. I think the Welsh should be invited to the Maggie love in as well.
  4. I am proud to out myself as a Welshman, and I would still like to smash Maggie's back doors in.
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  5. Pervy bastard!!!

    Anyway, I'm from Scotland, was too young to remember what Thatcher did or didnt do (born in the early 80s), but! I'll respect her approach on the Falklands so she gets the thumbs up from me for that. Ps.... maybe if she was under 40 I'd skull f**k her......
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  6. We can all learn things from the older ladies.......
  7. Falklands? Wasn't that an election campaign?
  8. I don't remember being given a ballot form as we were bobbing along darn Sarf...................
  9. OK 1 decent pay rise that brought us to within a comparative age to a warehouse worker.
    but what about :-

    Maggie who brought in the brown envelopes(manning points) to save on redundancy payments?compulsory redundancies,
    the 1st decimation of HMF, Option for change and a few more things that effected HMF.
  10. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Wharehouse workers were better qualified and worked harder though :)
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  11. Most of the Welsh dont know who is in power now, let alone the 80s
  12. Not absolutley sure if that is a positve or negative remark..!

    however, Maggie was very badly advised when it came to her dealings with Scotland...

    She did not seem to understand the subtlety beneath the national and socialist agendas, and how they were and were not connected. As a result she managed to hack off a far wider swathe of Scottish society than she either realised nor intended..

    The imposition of the Poll tax and the removal of much burocratic power from Scotland, ignoring the separate national and legal structures that had existed since the Act of Union, was badly judged and created deep suspicion of Westminster across Scottish society, particularly at a time when it seemed that Scottish Oil had bailed out the UK economy..

    I know she was trying to sort out loony local government, but she made the classic mistake of forgetting that we are joined nations under a single crown and parliament, not greater England!

    Sorry - I forgot this was the NAAFI....

    "Och Aye Nae Bother Whit.."
    "You'll have had yer tea ... etc..."
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  13. fooking no way!! we could sweep grass, clean, pick up every tab end within 1000 meters of any HQ and wash a landy in water/kero mix all before naafi break!:nod:
  14. Good post. Balanced and correct. As a Scot, who did live through the Thatcher years, I would still say she was a force for good overall across the UK. Some poor decisions, or advice or both perhaps. But, on the whole she put a bit of bite back onto GB etc.