Maggie does it again, Lynn Jones should take note

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ArmyYid, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Dear All,

    I couldn't help but notice the difference of opinion between Baroness Thatcher's words today -

    "Fortune does, in the end, favour the brave. And it is Britain's good fortune that none are braver than our armed forces. Thank you - all."

    And those of that idiot from Selly Oak

    "The soldiers sem to want a little empire consisting of thier designated staff and facilities, a little fiefdom"

    Like all of you I was enraged by Jones's comments, but due to my current location have no MP to lobby ref it. It is refreshing to hear words like those from Baroness T, although no suprise.


  2. I have always had the utmost respect (or 'spec as yoofs like to say) for Maggie, long may she live.
  3. Could you not contact a family member to e-mail an MP, on your behalf. This is a serious subject, and we cannot afford to ignore it.
  4. Was talking to a Goose Green veteran today who said that more politicians should have "balls" like Maggie had and stand up for the Armed Forces. Can't see it happening though!
  5. I had the honour to meet with Maggie at MWMPH and she projected authority wherever she went.

    Her support for the armed forces was tireless and totally from the heart. bLiar/Broon take note!

    Best of health to her.

  6. Good for Maggie.She-at least-unlike this Jones woman,understands about Sacrifice for Country,and the Compact(which Nu Labour have broken) with our Armed Forces.
  7. An opinion like this was voiced at a recent debate with a junior minister in attendance. She stayed somewhat quiet when my acid laced words about the shoddy treatment of soldiers was met with a radical feminists outcry of "why should soldiers have special treatment?"

    If she truly does not know, then I'm not sure she deserves to be a citizen.
  8. The old battle axe still has minerals it seems!
    Lynn Johns - what a fcuking disgrace!
  9. Sir G-J

    Good call. E-mail to mother-in law in bound. Ashamed I did not think of it sooner.

  10. I'll do it! :hump:
  11. C-M


    Of course!!! You know all the details and certainly know me. What do you need?

  12. Lynn Jones voting record:

    Has never voted on a transparent Parliament.
    Strongly against Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
    Very strongly against the Iraq war.
    Moderately against investigating the Iraq war.
    Very strongly against replacing Trident.

    Now there's a surprise!

    She is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group and has taken part in almost all of the backbench rebellions against the Labour government. She is also Chair of the Parliamentary Forum on Transsexualism.

    Not all negative though - she is public-spirited:

    From her website: "On Saturday I went to St Martin’s Church in the Bullring to help write letters to Guantanemo Bay detainees and Prisoners of Conscience held in prisons around the world."
  13. Bank Account details
    National Insurance number

    oh, and a pair of your little gnome shoes :boogie:

  15. I was only 8 when the war kicked off but I have always had respect for her, she has more balls than some male MP's,