Magento Developer (v2)

Anyone whose decent in Magento 2 give me a shout for a project.

Has to be V2 and above as the extensions we've purchased and require use of are not compatible with 1.9

Project brief available to hand if you PM an email
I got asked that alot... even I don't know

I keep getting others approaching (mostly India based) offering Shopify, Woocommerce but if I wanted all that I could do it myself to be honest.
I've developed many e-commerce sites in the last 10 years, using OpenCart, WordPress, PrestaShop and X-Cart. I did one (and only one) using Magento a couple of years ago because it had been recommended to the client, so I thought I would treat it as a learning experience. Never again.

Even though I started hand coding websites in 2001 I found it a complete bastard to learn, most CMS's have things in common, but not Magento, it's a totally different approach. I can understand why most Magento developers specialise in it, once they have the client tied in it's a licence to print money for updates and maintenance.
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