Magazins in Pouches

The question is, upside down or not?

I've always put full mags in rounds down, possibly as a throwback to site guards & having to count ammo daily, if a round falls out it stays in the pouch.

I've since been informed that this is wrong as it damages the lips of the mag & could cause stoppages.

Your resi-case is the best place to put your mags, along with the dirty pics of your missus and your clacky.

In answer to your question though, face down, that way your mates won't be slopping their jiz over your back while your tabbing if the lid opens.
I find the german magazines are the best to put into your pouches because they are A-5 and more hardwearing because they are glossy.
What are the lips like though? If they are full-on beef curtains, you may want them a little worn down.
(Puts on annorac)

According to the A2 Pam, the mags should be put in rounds up.

This allows any sand or silt or water etc to drain to the bottom of the mag an still allow it to be used. It also helps stop the lips on the mag from getting damaged.

Funny thing was, the old A1 Pam said almost the same thing but with the rounds down!

I personally find it is easier to put in rounds down as a fast mag change is possible. When going from Razzle to Fiesta, or even a Doicher hard core jaz mag I have a toggle on the end of the mag that I can put my finger through while I am fitting the new one, saving having to dump it into the 'Brecon Pouch' and possible get it crumpled or wet. (Good drills dictate they should also be fabloned with the SHQ's supply of fablon!)
Always rounds downwards, killer bit to the rear as it provides better instinctive coordination of hand to mag, mag to weapon. Unconvinced? close your eyes and picture a mag change, firstly rounds up, then rounds down - you'll get the message.

Jazz mags? now that's a different story
Good to see that this is causing some thought, is there any SASC out there who can shed light on this with reasons why?

rounds down, quick mag change, any loose rounds into pouch, damages lips of mag, drainage.
rounds up, kak handed mag change, loose rounds alles uber der platz, stops damaged lips, drainage.

Aren't the A2 mags made of stronger stuff to prevent damage to the lips, would said damage occur if there were rounds in mag?

Agree with pointy end away from you.


Since when have SASC had to change mags in a rush, as in their life depended on it! Muzzleflash is 100% correct.
Rounds down is definitely quicker, it also means that you can use your gucci 'mag-pull' thingies!

Downside is that any sand/grit in the mag pouch will contaminate the first couple of rounds=possible stoppage.

Ok, Im a Skilly, and the post above (remove the jazz mag reff) is from the Pam.

I have to teach recruits so I need to know how to tell them to put them in.

Saying that, I personally prefer rounds down, BUT the Pam says rounds up. Muzzleflash is correct with his post for use in the real world, but the Pam says............


I was pulled on a siteguard inspection for mags down. The lcpl was ranting on about losing rounds. I answered that if they come out they will stay in the pouch and I can change mags quicker. My sect commander fecked him off and backed me up on his. I wasnt taught it it is just correct. The A2 pam probably says that the weapon works well in sand!
Would it work better rounds down if you had some form of low plastic mesh, or a couple of strips of scouring pad at the bottom of the pouch. This would keep the business end of the mag off the deck and away from the muck (which would fall through or into the mesh).


Mags can be exchanged if they fail and that includes lips. The A2 mags are better in this respect but you shouldnt be having to molycoddle them like we had to with the SLR mags. We had so much tape around ours and some units had them tied via a string and clip to their rifles as I suapect their cqms was as much a tight fisted w@nker as ours was! We used to finish a 4 month Op Banner in the city with 4 u/s mags due to the fact that you had worn them all out one at a time!
Shouldnt happen anymore!
Hey, I agree with you, rounds down does make sence, and in my own belt kit that is the way I put them in.

When I give a lesson I tell them the 'correct (Pam) way and then I tell them what I prefer and let them make up thier own minds. They are inteligent enough.

But the Pam says rounds up for a reason, which is to stop the lips getting damaged and causing stoppages in a firefight.
does matter what way you put your mags, when your kit get launched off a 4 tonner its going to get damaged!

i find putting them upside makes it easier to change mags quicker.
Rounds down, empty magazines up. So one always see's instantly which magazine is full. According to Tartan Terrier's comment on possible sand/grit on the bottom of the pouch, our pouches have an eyelet in the bottom to allow water,sand etc out.
Rounds down, business end forward
Empty mags down front of smock (suitably tight around waist area)
or is that just a bit waltish?
but it works
Cloggie said:
Rounds down, empty magazines up. So one always see's instantly which magazine is full. According to Tartan Terrier's comment on possible sand/grit on the bottom of the pouch, our pouches have an eyelet in the bottom to allow water,sand etc out.
And wet sand and mud drains out :?:
Rounds up, so they're clean and instantly recognisable. Never mind the high-speed handling, you want them to work when you need them.
Empty down, clean them when refilling if possible.

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