magazine charging fact or fiction?

i was wondering as it has been a long time since basic training which was the only time until recently that magazine charging in a certian length of time was included on the matts WHT

Is it just the fact that it is pointless an some instructors leave it out or is it now no longer parts of the test
What makes you think it's pointless?
well I have never had to realistically have to bomb up a mag that fast usually have bandoliers on ops with speed chargers for mags and always had lots of mags already loaded up plus bandoliers but I supposed if we did ever have to load mags in an emergency necessity would dictate you would be fast any how and the Taliban wouldn't let me line my rounds up in a nice little neat pile before hand so im in agreement it is a bit of testing for testing sake
It's still part of the test just like the wind tables and a few questions about cleaning the weapon in adverse conditions.
I always include the magazine charging when I'm taking the WHT mainly fo my amusement when people panic. There is plenty of time to get them in though. No silled now just pass and fail.
It is the ONLY part of the test that actually has a time restraint. Pointless? No - admittidly ammo now comes mostly in clips and bombed up with a speed loader (or at least being rolled out) but what if you don't have that luxury? The test is timed because you have to be able to demonstrate the ability to effectively and efficiently charge mags (mock battle conditions) whereas the rest of the test is under barrack conditions.

Besides: It's fun watching people moan about having to charge magazines on the firing point, in the rain, with their little, cold and wet fingers!!