Magazine bandoliers

Right i'm looking for a DPM bandolier that i saw once on ebay, hoping that someone can help me out with finding a name or a shop that sells them.

Its made out of DPM waterproof material and takes 5 SA80 30 round magazines (not the stripper clip one)

Any ideas?

Its not quite what im after but closer than the suggestions ive had elsewhere. I may get SASS to custom mod me one, but im wondering if they can be found anywhere first. The mags are held in individual pouches- so 5 pouches.
Is this what you are after?

But slightly more seriously :)

Try Googling for MOLLE gear. That has a bandolier with room for 5/6 mags.
Why not just use a claymore bag? You can fit 12 x 5.56 mags or 8 x 7.62 mags in there and its OG...
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