Magazine apologises for seeking Photogenic War Widows

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Barf!

    What a shame.What next? Photogenic war amputees?

    Fecking morons.
  2. Aye same thing in Bosnia.
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    It was actually "Anyone here been raped and speaks English?" as described by Edward Baer who used the quote as a title for his book.
  4. From ARRC around 1996:

    Rule 1: Never trust a Frenchman.
    Rule 2: Treat all members of the press as Frenchmen.

    You will, of course recall that the press were all over good old Big Brave Bob when he was CO of the Cheshires in B_H during some of the toughest UNPROFOR times there.

    When he came home, they re-named him Bonking Bob and ate him alive.

    Deep down the press are less interested in the facts than in a a story which will help their career profile: even the best of them.

    How about Kate Adie, reporting a major funeral in Andytown in 88.

    She's a UK citizen so she is bound by the same common law obligation to aid in the capture of thieves and murderers that was the basis of soldier's legal powers in the province.

    She watched, and her (licence-fee funded) camera crew filmed, as 2 young R Signals JNCOs were beaten by an angry crowd, then dragged away, stripped and shot with their own pistol.

    "Oohh no" says Adie - "couldn't possibly let you have our film - must protect my sources - journalistic privilege".

    Leeches, every one of them.

    If they do you a good turn, just remember it's nothing personal. :evil:
  5. I had the pleasure of telling Kate Adie to "Feck off" She wanted us to escort her and her bunch of lemons to some burnt out UN food store. A very wise thing to do the locals were knocking ten shades of shite out of each other.

    plus she got a hairy face!
  6. But impressively massive chebs
  7. If you want to send an email with your comments to this scumbag of a journalist Victoria Lambert, may I suggest you email the following address...

    She is the Editorial Director.

    Alternatively, if your email is on the blink, may I suggest you ring 020 7813 2520 and ask to be put through to Mrs Lambert...
  8. Photogenic War Widows? I think I know that website...