Mag pouches with no lids (Just elastic)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Cheat, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Was having a look at This website after a link from a different thread and found These.

    I thought the mag might fall out/ get nocked out/ stolen etc, but I've seen the Yanks using it. Now, I know just becuase they have it doesn't mean it good, but then again, they have an available alternative yet some choose these.

    Is it hourses for courses? Any got any experience with them?

    T C
  2. Fine if you keep your mags business end down, though I imagine in woodland it is very easy for the elastic to be pulled off by a stray branch at body height.
  3. Is that like horses! :oops:
  4. Probably no worse than having the bungee get snagged, which you use to cinch down the sides your PLCE belt-kit pouches.
  5. I use the elasticated pouches in baggers. They are great for working from wagons, and your mag changes will be that little bit faster. However, its handy to buy a dump pouch for your empties as although you can pull your mag faster, it takes a little longer to replace your empty into the pouch. A good alternative are the double stacked elasticated pouches with a rollable lid. You can have the lid rolled back when you need quick access and fastened when you dont.
  6. If they work then great, if not, then you have wasted your money!

    The Army issues perfectly serviceable ammo pouches designed for the job, stop trying to be a cowboy and brush up on your personal skills with the kit provided, once you have mastered that then you can experiment with non issued kit!!!
  7. ooooh!

    Well what if I want to be a cowboy? I'm a REMF, I need all the Guci kit I can get my hands on! :D

    Just wanted to see what the collective minds of Arrse had to say about them.

    T C

    And yeah, that was a deliberate mistake with hourses... Just seeing if you were awake. Well done than man.... :oops:
  8. Used these on the last HERRICK they were excellent, the major advantage was the speed in which mags could be deployed. The current teaching is business end up on mags to stop the lips on the mag being bent when the webbing is placed down. The old NI sketch of mags down to stop ammo loss isn’t a drama any more, if someone misplaces rounds we just give them some more. The issue mag pouch is OK but at an issue of 2 pouches per OSPREY it doesnt cover the standard issue of ammo (8 x mag plus granades)
  9. Shouldn't that be 'that' man.
  10. These look a bit precarious to me. They may be designed for vehicles, but to me as a footslogger I would be worried that my ammunition and myself would part company just before I needed it suppress the enemies of civilisation.
    I've always put my mags in downwards, in such a way that the thin edge of the magazine points towards my body and the rounds point away (if you can visualise that!), as it's easier to get mags in and out and they don't rattle that way.
    I think this is a case of each to his own here. We can sacrifice a little uniformity for an increase in efficiency.