Mag Chargers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by How_Did_I_End_Up_Here?, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Could anyone give me a (sensible) reason as to why P1954 price for a Mag Charger currently stands at £17.65, more than a magazine ffs? I seem to remember they used to be £1.75(ish) Decimal point slipped perhaps? And how can this be challenged if at all.
  2. it can probably be challenged by you getting one off eBay for sub-£5 and thus not having to cough up £17.65.
  3. Nato Stock Number: 1005218987808
    Description: FILLER MAGAZINE
    DMC: B4
    Cat of Store: 28
    Inventory Classification Code: 3
    Provision Management Code: D
    Pre-Issue Inspection Code: 0
    Lowest Echelon of Use: Z
    Storage Classification: A
    Hazard Category: 0
    Storage Restriction: 3
    Supersession Code: 0
    Superseded NSN:
    Superseded DMC:
    Superseding NSN:
    Superseding DMC:
    Short Item Name: FILLER
    Denomination of Quantity: EA
    Accounting Classification: L
    Basic Price: 17.65
    Supply Price: 19.59
    Target Price: 21.18
    Number of Procurement Details: 1
    Procurement Reference Number: 8476605
    Procurement Reference Code: A

    I just got the number from the SCOC website and cut and pasted it here. I am disgusted that a sh1tty little piece of plastic cost that much. The only reason i can give is that the country code (5th & 6th numbers of the NSN) is 21 as apposed to the UK number of 99 meaning it has an import price stamped onto it. Anyone shine any light on that?
  4. Anyone a P1954 freak out there? Is it still basic price minus 25% then add 15%, i work it out that you should have been billed around £15.88 (UK based)
  5. Speaking of stupid prices for minor peices of kit, i recently demanded a tin for the GTLS breakage kit. I subsequently received what was literally a large paint tin painted green.

    The price?


    No wonder the bloody Army hasnt got any money
  6. Got loads of them sat on my shelves not doing anything! But yeah you are right, empty paint tins are all they are.
  7. I remeber that the AS90 (self propelled gun) had a sight that had a cover on it to keep all the crap out that was basically a bath plug on a piece of dog tag chain, the price of the thing? over £100!
  8. 21 is Canada. I would like to thank the MoD for helping Canada in its economic recovery.
  9. The RAF have 2 pieces of nice glass glass stuck in the front of their Tornados for the HUD.

    Cost? £45,000....
  10. lol. how f*ckin hard can it be to make a mag charger in britain.

    we could make them in china and have them imported for about 15p each.

    in fact, the canadians probably do buy them in china and have them imported for 15p each, and then flog them to us for 100 times that. because everyone knows the MoD is stupid enough.
  11. Anyone else got any idea what the specific form is for this?
  12. Submit the challenge using the GEMS form and if it turns out that you save the MOD some money you might get a nice baseball hat and a mug as a thank you.

    I am probably being sceptical but I would not be suprised if the price increase was something to do with the contract given to H+K to revamp the SA80.
  13. I dont believe it is. same old charger but for some reason its made abroad. Is this country in such a sh1t state that a decent deal with a plastics manufacturer could not be made, there fore keeping the cost down and keeping some jobs in the UK (i will get off my soap box now), as i said earlier its pretty disgusting that they cost that much.
  14. Get on ebay if one of your mates hasn't got one.

    We've got a box of them in the armoury and I ask for one whenever we draw weapons.
    Never signed for one and never asked to give one back.

    Is it my fault that they're so fcuking expensive?