Mag Charger

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lampard, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Evening,

    Anyone got a spare mag charger knocking about? Will donate to H4H, or straight to you for postage etc if so!

    PM if so,

  2. Cant you get one off your friendly armourer?
  3. Disadvantage of the TA sadly, nope.
  4. bladdy stabs"" i'll dig through my kit and see if i can find it for you,
  5. If not i am sure i have a spare one, just let me know.
  6. not at home mate so might be with my kit at my STAB centre, ill have a look on monday when im in if no one else gets ya one
  7. cheers chaps, cornerman, have ye got one?
  8. Good news - I have one. Bad news - Its broke!
  9. Why do you need one? They're shiite. Just bomb-up as normal.
  10. Jeez this is about as interesting as that thread last week on people discussing their favourite black powder load for guns!! What has this site come to?
  11. You're The-Lord-Flasheart and I claim my £5 :)
  12. Smudge- Someone told me the SAS use them, so i want one. ;)

    Ispeak- How interesting were you expecting a thread entitled 'Mag Charger' to be? =P
  13. didnt realise the TA had enough live rounds to make use of one...
  14. Mag charger!?

    You mean speed loader?

    If so it's not exactly a rare item, even in the TA, I've got about 3 of the f*ckers knocking about somewhere.

    Are you a chef?
  15. My team call it a mag charger, after 2 weeks on the ranges with them the name stuck. =P