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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by boney_m, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Hi all. A forum has been created for members of the Mafioso. The forum is designed to be a members only internet home for all Royal Signals Supervisory soldiers, and TOT/Tfc officers. There are a few questions on the sign up procedure to allow the administrators to verify your membership, but at no time are you asked for your name, and all details will be treated in confidence.

    Please visit

  2. boney

    what is the point in it? Are there "mafioso issues" that cannot be discussed on this forum??

    Not a dig, jst an honest question!
  3. Was thinking exactly the same thing myself??
    Unless you want he mafioso to be an elitist secretive group........ :yawnstretch:
  4. As far as i'm aware, there is nothing that couldn't be discussed here - its just a place for people who have something in common, somewhere to catch up with lost mates and hopefully make some new ones, simple as that really.
  5. Just like on here then??????
  6. bloody masons are trying to take over tinterweb now as well!!!
  7. Not if your mates are no longer serving it seems. I looked at the login to see what the "validation" is and it appears to be your current unit, current appointment and work telephone number. All seems a bit "up yerself" to me.
  8. I'm all for it.

    At least I won't have to read all that technical crap on here, just non-technical crap instead!!!
  9. This is what happens when a group (probably an individual) feels its above itself - Come on were supposed to be a team so stick with us doodies !! Couldnt help notice this is very similar to the ArmyNet forum for V senior officers to stay informed.
  10. There's already a forum for technical crap, it's called the FofS group; we've got this forum for fun and japes (non-technical crap), what more could a Mafioso forum offer?
  11. Hehe, the Mafioso declaring unilateral independance!

    Let 'em set it up, then we can have an ARRSE v MafiosoWeb struggle for dominance...

  12. Just a little man trying to big time it. Probably a newbie IS Engineer set it up and thinks they are better than everyone else now. Pathetic.
  13. And YOU'RE not just fishing for a bite, are you? :numberone:
  14. I know the guys who have set it up and they're far from newbies. Let's not think of it as a rival to ARRSE in any way. Isn't it just like a Yahoo group or similar, where stuff can be posted that is perhaps a wee bit more person-to-person and slightly less anonymous? We are all anonymous-ish on here but a mafioso forum would have a small membership who probably communicate regularly anyway - it just goes on a forum instead of email and is thus easier to get over the RLI/DII. Notwithstanding the need to keep things UNCLAS, it could be a useful wiki or a testbed for some new gucci applications.

    Isn't the clue in the title? Surely the FofS group is more selective again and thus irrelevant cos other mafioso can't join? And technical crap is so 20th century.
  15. Feel a little intimidated when pepole start talking techy, then??? :D

    Actually, its probably a good way to keep this forum as it was always intended - a rumour service... maybe those who keep spouting binary and hex all over the Sigs board will migrate all that stuff to the other forum and leave this place for ritual abuse and humiliaton!! (hopefully!) :thumright: