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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hlecter, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Being a member of the Mafiosa fraternity it has come to my attention that there are a number of people claiming membership to this group. These people have one thing in common. . . .they are Supervisor IS trained!

    It is my understanding that the Mafioso group was founded by the senior TOT and Traffic Officer in the Corps at the time of its inception. The criteria for membership was stipulated as having completed FofS or YofS training.

    This being the case then Supervisor IS are not qualified for membership!!! I have added a poll to the post for those who are interested with a view to canvassing the views of the Mafiosa itself and those pretenders wishing to join.
  2. Isn't the Mafioso just a little boys club where FofS's, YofS's, ToT's and Traffic's can get together once a year to talk about work? Surely thats what the Corps Dinner nights are for. I'd rather hit my head with a brick
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    I'm sure this'll make great a great taking point at the next meeting...
  4. Hlecter,

    Could you explain what you consider the role of the Mafioso to be? If, in your view, its anything more than a social organisation why you wouldn't want the rest of the Ops team to be part of it?
  5. Like i said, little boys club, their trainset and you can't play with it
  6. Cool! My father (aged 76 now) taught on the first Yeoman's course and was a student on the third and on retirement was the Corps's senior Tfc Ofr - guess that makes him the Don of Dons!

    He is/was still only another fcuking Scalie.

    Being Cav, I'll get my coat and horse...
  7. An excellent piece of history, my good man. Could you do us a favour and find out in which year that first course was run? I heard that the FofS was around before the YofS.

    Perhaps we should ask ourselves what the Mafiosi stands for? If the maintenance of that 'pureblood' (ok - mixed-breed) supervisor grouping is essential for Corps harmony, then maybe we need therapy!

    What was the original purpose of the Mafiosi and who is the executive authority these days anyway?

    Who gives a monkey's chuff anyway - it hardly needs a pointless bitching session eh?
  8. What happens at some point in the future where someone feels that there is no longer a need for FofS or YofS (heresy? maybe, but we are at the start of a very strange route in terms of Corps skills requirements). Will the mafiosi die with the last man? More likely that Sup IS is subsumed and the skills replace those of the existing mafiosi - what then? Will you stop accepting future 'YofS' because their skill sets have changed?

    Food for thought. Branch out, expand, accept that most Ops Rms now have YofS, FofS and a Sup IS.

    Just playing devil's advocate. I am none of the above.
  9. Hey hlecter, you sure do love those exclamation marks!!!!!!

    You're not one of those Daily Mail readers are you? "Geeks, coming over here, taking our jobs...." etc etc. Chin up, old chap and out and let's move with the times. I know that change is hard to accept sometimes, but at least let us know what your particular gripe is. Maybe we can all work together for a better future eh? Which flavour of mafioso are you, by the way? The equipment manager or the crypto and spectrum manager?
  10. Im sure the IS Supervisors will be dismayed with this, ridiculous elitist rubbish.
  11. keep knockin one out in your wee club?
  12. Dismayed? Mildly amused more like. At least young Hannibal The Lectern is trying to start an argument, it was getting really really boring there for a while.

    Not to worry, lads, in about 2 or 3 years the argument will be nugatory, as they (cue spooky music) will rearrange and whittle down the number of supervisory rosters by approximately one. Let's just have fun in the meantime slagging each other off. Huzzah!
  13. Ref my last - spoke to pops and the first Yeomans course was in 1961 (and at Catterick). Seven bods passed this course and gained the knickname 'The Magnificent 7'! Dad was on the second coures, not the third. Before 'yeomen' there was an appointment of 'Signal Centre Supervisor' Blanford traffic wing (or what ever it is called nowadays) has the corse photo of EVERY yeomans course since 1961!

    Here endith the history lesson!

    As to the Mafioso, it has his seal of approval as Don of Dons but as to membership he says, if Supervisor IS join it'll be the start of the slippery slope to Badges/QM types wanting membership!
  14. Old School Building. J Corridor I think (the one on the left after the display case full of PRI tat as you walk down from the museum). Where the senior instructors have their offices.
  15. I know exactly where you are coming from mate!

    I saw a bloke marching across the square yesterday, his neck was in the back of the collar, his elbows were locked, as were his wrists with his thumbs pressing down on the forefinger. His chuffing heels were digging in a 30" pace and get this............he was only fcuking "looking up everywhere" as well!

    I followed him to the stores where he proceeded to sign for a norwegian container for a fcuking range day that he was organising off his own bat!! Sheesh the fcuking cheek of it.

    Anyway, being RD myself I know this bloke isn't drill-trained, isn't a storeman, isn't working in the training wing and in fact is a troop staffy. He is not therefore bloody qualified for membership of the RD fraternity, the cheeky little fcuker.

    I know there are more like him out there too.......

    I only wish I'd been as forthcoming as you and had the balls to end this nightmare with a poll. At least I could have canvassed the views of the RD Fraternity or even those pretenders wishing to join.

    Congratulations on recently qualifying by the way. I can tell it's recent.......somehow :roll: