Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by CardinalSin, Apr 24, 2005.

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  1. That scaley mafiosa sounds even more dangerous than the real sicilian mob. I can't seem to get an answer off anyone whether it now includes the disi and geek supv trades or just the fos and yos. Honestly - it's like suggesting that the catholic church nominate a new black, lesbian, hermaphrodite, one-legged, condom selling pope.

    If their club is to include the supv radio and supv is then surely it's a pointless exercise - the only one excluded is the RD WO. Although, from the other angle, foremen and yeomen are nothing like each other anyway. It's a bit like having a bone club full of guards drill sgts and master chefs.

    sounds a bloody load of nonsense. they should have their heads knocked together. you'll all be sorry in a couple of years when DCSA steal all the jobs and leave you to join the MPGS. Can someone please tell me what the point is? Sounds like another excuse to have an annual drunken bitchfest and nick the mess property that belong to all of us. Or am I being small minded.
  2. I had to read this message twice. And still couldn't understand what the fcuk you are going on about.

    Obviously just another whinger on these boards it seems blatanly clear though.
  3. Yes
  4. Can somebody go fetch CDT please, I think this guy is on smack.
  5. hooray ... a troll. and one who seems to understand latin. top of the class.

    this is clearly a wind up, but hey what the hell. hang them all. dunno who really, just thought I'd enter into the spirit of it! :lol:
  6. how dare you. all us cardinals know latin like the back of our lovely hands.

    bet your just one of them 10 minute wonders - (cue microwave) DING... "oh my end-of-course promotion is ready"! :twisted:
  7. I believe the ranks of our coverted Mafiosa have swelled since the imaculate conception of the new Foreman of IS. :roll:

    Oh dear its back to the Armoury for a new desk block.

    Tee Hee!!

    Never mind PD.

  8. I bet PD is the first to get excommunicated - I've been reading the rubbish he posts on here.
  9. For "Foreman of IS" read "Urban Myth". It looks like someone's (prob an ex-Tech-background Supvr IS?) idea of a terrific "wah" to wind up our FofS brethren for whatever reason. Whatever the long term destiny of the Corps this rubbish will certainly not happen for bloody ages!

    Mind you, I have heard (unsubstantiated) claims of people smashing their wee badges in anger, which seems a bit OTT but there we go. I wonder if those same guys would quite happily drink with their other Supvr brethren in the Mess :?:

  10. I also thought it was a rumour but it seems to be gaining more wieght in certain circles (the crying is giving it credability)

    So the dummies are being spat just like they were when us Mechs went to Techs and when everyone went to high band pay!

    Still it keeps the Mess lively on a Friday night, which is nice!

  11. This is right out of the Texas Air National Guard Weather Flight ancillary training manual.

  12. Surely that was straight out of the SOiNC`s Pd??

    :roll: :wink:
  13. I hope that helps pizzano...

    if not then here's one:

    The mess girl called a sex therapist and said, "Remember when you told me the way to a man's heart was through his stomach? Well last night I found a new route... Now I need some birth control pills."

    The doc asked, "What's his occupation?"

    The girl said, "Army."

    "Active or retired?"

    "If he wasn't active, I wouldn't need these damn pills, would I?!"

  14. so it looks like the fos and sup(is) will be getting a shotgun wedding after all, but maybe 2 or 3 yrs (or more) off.