Mafia scuttle ships containing nuclear and toxic waste

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Feck me. Further proof, as if it were needed, that there really is no limit to human greed and stupidity.

    "An official said that if the samples proved to be radioactive then a search for up to 30 other sunken vessels believed scuttled by the mafia would begin immediately.

    For years there have been rumours that the mafia was sinking ships with nuclear and other waste on board, as part of a money-making racket.

    The environmental campaign group Greenpeace and others have compiled lists over the past few decades of ships that have disappeared off the coast of Italy and Greece.

    Processing waste is highly specialised and is supposed to be an industry where security is the top priority.

    If tests show that there is nuclear material on the seabed it will prove that the mafia has moved into its dirtiest business yet. "
  2. No different to fly tipping really, only on a slightly larger, wetter and more environmentally disasterous scale!
  3. As much as this horrifies and disgusts, one must also be slightly thankfull they didn't sell off the material to dirty bomb makers.
  4. It wouldn't suprise me if our Labour party was invoved somehow.
  5. I wouldn't be too thankful, this is probably what they couldn't sell.
  6. Did they make them an offer they couldn't REFUSE?

  7. Seconded. I was surprised the Mafia did'nt do this(so far as we know). Possibly the consquences of a Dirty Bomb going off in a major city and then being traced to the Mafia would be too much heat even for them... 8O
  8. Surely the material is more likely to be contaminated overalls and the like than glowing rods or bubbling gloop. I stand to be corrected though.
  9. The point of a Dirty Bomb is cause as much panic as possible, rather than actually kill people. If you do kill a lot of people, that's a bonus.

    So you don't actually need enough radiation to kill thousands of people. You only need enough to pose a significant health risk. Public reaction would do a lot of the work for you; can you imagine what would happen if a Dirty Bomb exploded in the middle of London? For a start, tens of thousands of people would probably try and evacuate the city. Even from areas that were uneffected.

    If Parliament coped a load of radioactive dust, then the whole government of the UK would have to move. Because even if the risk is small, there's no way our MP's/Lords are going to risk their OWN lives. :roll:

    There would also be a massive impact on the economy, as people would simply refuse to work in "contaminated" areas.

    Of course, the truly frightning part of this scenario is that it would give Lord Fudgepacker, the Princess of Darkness, the perfect excuse to cancel the next general election... 8O
  10. Dirty Bombs are always going to be a terrorist's wet dream; relatively cheap compared to actual Suitcase Nukes. Psychologically terrifying. A perfect "area denial weapon".

    DB's are the biggest bang for the buck! :twisted:
  11. Chortle