Madrid bombs: Outgoing Spanish PM wiped computer records

Bliar should be brought before a proper commission with teeth, such as in Spain:

From BBC Website

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said the risk of attack remained high
Spain's prime minister has rejected claims that his election victory was the result of voters bowing to terror in the wake of the Madrid bombings.
The Socialist Party of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was elected three days after the train bombs killed 191.

Mr Zapatero told a parliamentary commission investigating the 11 March attacks that Spaniards had never submitted to terrorist violence.

It is the first time a prime minister has appeared before such a commission.

He was grilled for more than four hours by members of the conservative opposition Popular Party (PP) which, under Jose Maria Aznar, was in power at the time of the attacks.

Mr Zapatero told the commission:

Mr Aznar had increased the risk of attack by Islamic terrorists by supporting the war on Iraq and such a threat was "clearly underestimated"

the attacks were exclusively planned and carried out by the same brand of radical Islamic terrorism behind 11 September in the US and subsequent attacks in Bali, Istanbul and Casablanca

claims that militant Basque separatists Eta were to blame was "a massive deception" by Mr Aznar

the outgoing PP administration wiped computers of information before they left - particularly material relating to the 11 March attacks

the Socialists were not behind protest rallies that took place outside PP buildings after the attacks.

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