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Eagle said:
You forgot "U.S. government-sponsored" :roll:

Come on people, wakey wakey...

8O You shock even me Eagle my old friend. Even though they are denying it, ETA could never have pulled this off without someones help/training/cash. Osamas Army at work in the West again possibly due to the fact that Spain played a big part on the war on terror.

Mr Happy

Chaps (and particularly ManchesterMonkey) - you forgot the bleeding obvious ETA with PIRA support/training etc. Surely the entire advice from PIRA/Sinn Fein when they were talking with ETA was demonstrating the success of a bloody campaign (enniskillen, birmingham etc.) - If Spain want to blame anyone they should blame our current fcking government for giving in to the terrorists in NI.

No happy, i dont think i did forget your "bleeding obvious" - there is nothing to suggest PIRA involvement whatsoever, your statement may have been more credible if you'd said the Real IRA as your chosen terrorist organisation.
I read several sources saying ETA is generally staffed by youngsters (mostly sub 30). Can't help speculate this was a "youthful mistake" in the scale of devastation caused. Most bombs are small and don't kill that many. These bombs were estimated not much bigger. Obviously they were planted and scaled just right to do monster damage. I reckon that was chance; maybe the youngsters were too scared to make the warning phone calls, risked other compromise or simply underestimated the charge strength (lack of experience).

I think the aim was wide-spread havoc (standard ETA) and kill maybe 3-4 per bomb, but they stuffed up. Look at the charges used by AQ to kill big numbers - Bali was nearly half a ton, 9/11 was 500 tons or more of fuel. Irish "spectaculars" are measured in tons. Last year the Spanish Police stopped a half ton truckload heading to Madrid - that was likely for one big bang. I think they accidentally invented the clusterbomb here. Note the Basque politico's aren't denying it directly - I think they don't know or recognise it was a "mistake".

IF I'm right it could be an indicator that ETA's old hands have quit. Let's hope that means the end's in sight.
After revelations that a van was discovered with detonators and Islamic prayer tapes in it doesn't it seem like the perfect staging of a scapegoat by the ETA who were discovered earlier with 1000 lb of explosives ec of similar type to the ones used in the incident.

Never mind Roger Rabbit, "Who framed Al Quaeda".
Looks to be about 50/50 just now...

ETA caught previously with the same type of explosive used...

Al-Q splinter group claims responsibilty and Koran tape and dets found nearby...

Also, if it was ETA, why haven't they claimed responsibility yet. If you pulled off something like this, wouldn't you want to let the world know? What's in it for them otherwise?

On the other hand, the choice of target is unlikely to help their cause much. In the past they seem to have restricted themselves to government targets and have given prior warning if there is likely to be large numbers of civpop around.

We'll see...
Interestingly many of ETA's 'older' leadership have been arrested over the course of the last 12 months or so and they appear to have a largely new leadership.

This could have lead to a general change of tactics (they weren't getting very far were they?) or as referred to above a c*ck up.

I'm afraid I think its a change of tactics.
I've seen comment today that suggests the explosives had previously been used by ETA - just not in the last twenty or so years. (some stuff called Goma-2, not as previously reported Also, the official line that it had been stolen in Spain has been discredited (no theft of the explosive reported within the last year).

It all begins to sound a bit like the Prestige - remember that? The main concern of the Spanish authorities appeared to be spinning that it was somehow connected with Gibraltar and Britain's fault, whilst forbidding the salvors to bring her into port in Spain and hencely covering their Atlantic coast with oil.

(mind you, this would suggest all the above is bollox)
This is from the BBC site........

Looks like Al Qaeda to me...........

Spain arrests five over bombings
Interior Minister Angel Acebes
Angel Acebes promised total transparency in the investigation
Spanish authorities have arrested five suspects in connection with the Madrid blasts which killed 200 people.

Interior Minister Angel Acebes told a news conference three Moroccans and two Indians were being held.

The suspects may have links with extremist Moroccan groups, the minister said, but it was still too early to confirm this.

The news comes as protesters held an angry demonstration outside the office of Spain's ruling Popular Party.

BBC correspondent Richard Galpin in Madrid says the protesters - mainly anti-war campaigners - feel Spanish leaders were too swift to blame the Basque separatist group Eta for the bombings.

The demonstrators charge that the government downplayed the theory that it might have been al-Qaeda.

They say the government is scared of losing votes in Sunday's general election because of its unpopular decision to support the invasion of Iraq.


The arrests came as the first funerals for the victims of the bombings took place in the capital and across Spain.

I don't feel any repulsion... The only thing I know is that they have torn out my heart
Jesus Antonio Munhoz

Read Jesus's story
The five suspects were arrested in different parts of the capital, and were handed to the country's High Court, which is in charge of investigating the attacks, the minister said.

"Early this afternoon, members of the National Police corps made five arrests, three of citizens of Moroccan nationality, two citizens of Indian nationality, and there are two other Spaniards of Indian origin from whom statements are being taken now," he said.

Mr Acebes said the men were believed to be linked with the sale and falsification of a mobile phone and SIM card found by police near one of the bomb blasts on Thursday.

The phone was inside a bag containing one of the bombs which failed to explode.

Mr Acebes assured the Spanish public that all lines of investigation were still open and he reminded Spaniards it had only just begun.

Friends and relatives of some of the victims
Funeral services have attracted thousands of mourners
But he promised he would continue to make public every new piece of information.

On Thursday a statement was sent to a London-based newspaper claiming that al-Qaeda was behind the bombings and some Arab commentators in London said they believed it to be genuine.

Most recently, a radio station claimed to have been told that investigators are "99% certain" of involvement by Islamic militants by an unnamed intelligence source, but this has not been confirmed.

Tears of a nation

The first funeral masses took place in the capital and other cities on Saturday.

Thousands of people turned up at cemeteries, funeral homes and religious services to mourn those killed.

In Alcala de Henares, the commuter town east of Madrid where the bombed trains had started their journeys, up to 1,000 people crammed into a gymnasium to remember some 30 local people killed.

I wanted to feel a little bit better, because at home I can't do anything
Madrid protester

Bombs' impact on elections
"We have buried a son, 23 years old, a son full of his future," said one father dressed in black.

"We are all overwhelmed."

"Alcala is broken," said Mayor Bartolome Gonzalez.

In Tanatorio Sur, Madrid's biggest funeral home, lack of space meant coffins had to be placed in staff rooms.

Distraught families have been holding vigils.

"My son. Why?" one elderly woman sobbed.

The funerals continued throughout the day, with the last in the Basque city of San Sebastian scheduled for early evening.

On Friday evening up to 11 million people nationwide turned out in heavy rain to protest against the violence.
Mr Happy said:
Chaps (and particularly ManchesterMonkey) - you forgot the bleeding obvious ETA with PIRA support/training etc. Surely the entire advice from PIRA/Sinn Fein when they were talking with ETA was demonstrating the success of a bloody campaign (enniskillen, birmingham etc.) - If Spain want to blame anyone they should blame our current fcking government for giving in to the terrorists in NI.

You have a lot to say. What point are you trying to make with the picture on your posting?
are some of us being taken in by the official govt stance, mancs monkey PIRA RIRA CIRA are all the same org, they are names used to suggest seperation.
the IRA provided most terror groups with excellent instructors including bins lot and ETA. the only things that seperate each national group is the willingness to go further than the last. all terror groups work together.

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