Madonnas toilet obsession

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Fiji_Bob, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. Apparently her obsession with clean loo seats has a reason madge and her sh1tter now there is a website purporting to sell celeb DNA from various celeb waste products 8O

    I sh1t you not

    Maybe it is a hoax, but then again I would not put anything past those septics. :roll:

    There could be money in this sh1t, I'm off to get my shovel, my AtoZ and try to work out where Paula Radcliffe took that dump :plotting:

    Anyone else got any ideas where we could lay our hands on some celeb "by products"? :omg:
  2. Well, we are "septics". Though I find it fair puzzling that we're the ones who are considered "potty" when every third NAAFI thread deals with urine, feces or semen... :?
  3. i had a few beers & a curry last night do you think i could sell my sh1t????
  4. Are you speaking for the whole of the US of States? In that case I have a few comments that I'd like you to take on board.

    Stop thinking you are the worlds police. Because we have to come with you, and follow round apologising for you (and legitimising it)

    Make it a Federal Law that Catherine Bell has to make one Porn Movies per week.

    Anyone else like to pass a message to the President?
  5. Would George Michaels' DNA be worth less than others? He seems to leave so much of it lying about.
  6. I once had a mate who creamed a fair bit of cash by buying cheap cotton socks off the market, wearing them for a day, then selling them online to, erm, blokes who get off of sniffing soiled underwear. Blokes soiled underwear, particularly socks. Freaky, huh?
  7. thats freaky right enough mind you i have some socks from the last exercise that are pretty cheesy and as for my shreds they have that full sennybridge aroma but surelyu nobody is that sick
  8. Dear twat,

    Youve obviously mistaken me for some sort of politically motivated buzzard. I'm not. Kindly fcuk off.

  9. she can use me as a toilet if she wants! :twisted: :twisted:

    only if she drinks plenty so its not like lucozade :toilet: