Madonnas Kid

Just heard journalism of the highest order on the radio, all the media around Madonnas gaff in London and one says ''The bouncers have opened the garage door'' dramatic pause ''and I can see a bike on the wall!'' What the fcuk is that about, bet he's going to win an award for that outstanding observation!!
So you can go to Africa with 3 million quid in your pocket and buy anything you want? How is that news? What is more newsworthy is that she didn't buy something cool, like the ANC or a harem of limbless concubines - that's what i would have bought. The concubines, not the ANC, obviously.

Oh, it was 3 million in Aid? Yeah right.
Back in the late 1700's it was very fashionable for the rich to buy a little black boy.

Nothing has changed and I understand that blacks are still cheaper to buy than whites - despite the flood of cheap East Europeans for sale.

It is going to become even more fashionable, all the rock stars will be queing up to buy a little black boy. You can just imagine the scene at the orphanage;

"I gave good news and bad news for you; children. The good news is that little Daniel has been adopted by a British rock- star". The children all cheered then the carer said; "Unfortunately it's Johnathon King."

What I want to know is what is she going to do with it when she gets bored with it in six months ?
Send it back ? Have it put down ? Put it on e-bay ?

For effs sake, she has bought a black child, to mark 200 years since slavery was outlawed in Britain.
Daily Mirror


MADONNA wants to adopt a three-year-old girl from the same African village as her new son. ......

I was right - She is going to start breeding them.
Much cheaper, the first one cost her USD3m/GBP 1.6 m.
Saw a report in one of the newsrags over here.

The amount of money being offered for the first picture of the new happy family would be more than enough to keep a whole village going for a year or two.

Makes you wonder sometimes.
sniffle-snaffle said:
as soon as the little coon is adopted and aquires a british pasport the flood gates will open and all his f*cking relatives will be here
Are you suggesting a shanty town growing up on her estate ?

Well at least she will have plenty of beaters for the shoots.
This is another example of the inequality and shallowness of the world today.. Here's an abjectly poor Malawi guy living in a country with rampant HIV/AIDS.. Two of his kids died of Malaria.. his wife dies after giving birth to another kid...He's forced to place the lad in an ophanage because the kid was ill, he had no money and his in-laws didn't want to help out..The dad figured, the kid would get better, he could find a new wife and job and then get the kid back..

Along comes Madonna and picks the tot out of a line-up, announces that not only is she saving the child but she's also dropping some millions on developing/enhancing an ophanage to solve problems for all the other kids she can't take and lavish glitz and glitter on.

Malawi Government can't be faulted for grasping at the desperately needed cash, but are suspect for ignoringtheirown laws on residency, etc...letting Madonna take the kid when anyone else wouldn't be allowed.

But..the fact remains that, if she really cared about the plight of this poor unfortunate kid she could have spent a fraction of the dough giving it to the boy's dad so he could have obtained the needed medical assistance his son needed, taken him back from the ophanage and into a better equipped home and relevant cultural lifestyle in the country of his birth..

One can only hope that, given Madonna's pronouncements, the lad [ already renamed David, as his traditional African name just dosen't cut it, I guess ] gets to go to the finest of Brit education facilities, graduates with a degree in some useful profession and returns to his homeland to bring his expertise to working with others to improve the lot of those ' left behind '..
[ bets on that? ]
See Guy Ritchie has apparently took Madge's credit cards off her; he wasn't impressed with her excuse of, 'nipping out to buy a little black number'...

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