Madonna - still got it????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bomb_Doctor, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Yes - Fit as a Butchers Dog

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  2. No - Mutton dressed up as Lamb

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  1. Having just watched the 1st Lady of Pop's new video - I had a slight stiring in the loin area... I slapped myself around the face and reminded myself that she is 47 years old.......

    A few years ago - 47 was ANCIENT. Is having carnal knowledge of someone of that age OK???????

    Am I getting old or is she still one fit bird?

    (Apologies to the female arrsers - delete Madonna - insert Tom Jones)

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Come on as a 19 yr old youd've done her at 47, if I was 19 I'd want to do her. problem is even then I wouldnt get a look in!
    As for now at 40 damn right! As long as she kept schtumm!
  3. I'm actually ashamed I find someone else who's more attractive and who's a lot older than she is...
  4. She looks like a Transvestite
  5. Nah.. she's reached her 'best before' date.. I've moved onto a new w@nk fantasy..

    NOTE TO Veg.. you might want to trade up from Anjolina and Monica

    The ' next best thing ' is Bollywood Star, soon to be seen in a major motion picture [ a Sword and Sandal effort with Ben Kingsley and others ] AISHWARYA RAI....

    definitely a hot tottie worth exporting from the sub-continent..plenty of websites devoted to her 'talents '...

  6. Same here...manly athletic arms and big hands...
  7. I would still rag her, but only if she kept her bra on: having had a few sprogs they probably have the consistency of a melted icecream. Her nipples would almost certainly point to her toes by now and that makes me wilt! Sadly she is getting to old to drive on the marmite motorway: unless you like women having prolapses as they get out of bed in the morning.

    Anything over 12 with thatch, and anything under 70 with lubricant. :)
  8. Saw her latest video and was saddened to see she'd filmed part of it outside my office, and I wasn't there to letch. Ho hum
  9. 307

    307 War Hero

    yes she is looking good, im 18 and i'd run her ragged, but then again i have an older women thing for some reason.
  10. So nearly 50/50............. I thought it would be a dead cert either way. Arrsers surprise me every day!

  11. I've been doing some late night internet searching/research....

    Honour Blackman still does it for me in a perverted sort of way.............. (did I just type that?) 8O 8O 8O

  12. There is no way those t!ts are anything less than rock-hard and perfectly conical, even after the kids. She was probably doing pec pressups and booking her plastic surgery the day after she gave birth. Forget breastfeeding.

    Like most over-40 women obsessed with exercise, she's way too gristly and tight-faced. I bet if you tried to pry her jaws open for a blowjob, the sinews in her neck would snap like violin strings breaking.

  13. Yes, she's good looking..... but 42 just doesn't seem as bad as 47 in my eyes.......... I know there's only 5 years in it, but 47.......? Could you really do it?