Madonna adopts child in Africa

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Madonna 'adopts child in Africa'
    BBC Link

    I'd not normally post this kind of story, but I've always been under the distinct impression that 'stars' such as Madonna, and Angelina Jolie seem to adopt children from different countries the way other people collect stamps.
  2. Should have adopted an elephant instead. They're bigger (so you're less likely to lose it) and they don't make as much mess.
  3. I must disagree.

    I watched a German tourist in Thailand lie down while an elephant walked over the top of him (it promotes fertility don't you know). How we laughed as he was engulfed by a veritable tsunami of elephant pi$$.

    I take it you've never had to deal with an adolescent elephant who 'borrowed' your car keys and stayed out all night.
  4. These 'celebrities'.

    They're so much more worthy than you and I aren't they? Their views are worth far more than ours because of what they have achieved.

    We must listen to them. They have integrity.
  5. Indeed. I don't know if you saw the Telegraph today, but one of the front-page stories was 'Everyone should have HIV test twice a year, says Johansson'. Gee thanks, I didn't know you were a doctor.....
  6. You have it pegged.

    I have been with Mrs Jim for countless years. Both of us are faithful to each other. Why should we need AIDS tests?

    Celebrity bollox publicity.
  7. Too true.

    On the subject with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they might have seemed more noble had they not rented out an entire luxery resort so they could have privacy. But for some reason, everyone was applauding them for having their child born in Africa. Of course when they returned home they moved into their brand new luxury mansion.

    Africa is being used by Celebrities for them to say "LOOK AT ME! I LOVE THE STARVING CHILDREN!". It's not unlike when colonists went on Safaris back in the old days really.

    I like Humanitarian celebrities who do their work silently and diligently, rather than run to the cameras and demand attention. Examples would be like Gary Sinise or Dennis Leary.
  8. I agree with Joseph, celebrities seem to use these children as fashion accessories, I won't be suprised if Madonna carries the poor little mite around in her handbag to parties. It is not only patronising it is using children as commodoties.

    Wouldn't it be nicer if she just used her vast wealth to fund an AIDS orphanage or something?
  10. Is this a PR Stunt for Madge,,,,!!!
  11. Maybe it's a discrete way for celebs to bring small african kids back to the US and restart the cotton plantations :twisted:
  12. ..Steady Now... :wink:
  13. Is Madge about to release another Album?

    Seriously, in the UK there are thousands of Kids who need adopting. Why go to Africa to find one (Apart from the publicity)?
  14. Have I read this correctly?

    Madonna has adopted an 'orphan'. So far so good. However, the child's father is still alive. Wouldn't she have been better off giving some of her fortune to the father to allow this child to remain with it's family?
  15. She's been watching too much South Park and Starvin Marvin ! :)