Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Norfolknchance, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Personally, I didn't notice that the 50-odd year old slapper had been pregnant but apparently, she's going to become a mummy again.

    Let's work this one through. She got a divorce from some Guy (I bet he's happy!) and she's now gonna get a baby with different coloured skin to her. Is it Michael Jackson I wonder?

    No, she's going to purchase it from the baby supermarket called Africa. It would appear that if you happen to be a (so-called) superstar such as Madge or Angelina, you can just turn up in some 3rd world country and purchase a babe ready made without the need for all that huffing and puffing, not to mention that sex stuff.

    Will it give that child a better life? Will it bollocks! Rant over for now. Nurse, my pills please, now!
  2. Let me see now, life in a sh*thole African 3rd world dump or life with a multimillion $ celeb.......oooooh hard one ....which will give a better life...... :roll:
  3. Bump.
    F***ing waste of Oxygen. And she looks like a deflated johnny
  4. I couldn't care less if she tries to adopt a kid from every nation in the world?!?
  5. She's trying to appeal to the youth market.

    Well after all, all the teenage girls in Essex have black babies...
  6. Why dont she just build a few Fisher Houses instead. Charity starts at home....well it should do anyway.
  7. Better way of life financially yes, but emotionally...? Well, it's not like she will actually raise the child herself, thats what the nanny followed by posh boarding school are for. :evil:
  8. like i said before..Charity starts at sure there is plenty of American kids that need a home.
  9. With the money she spends on "prospecting" for children, visits (entourage all in front of the plane) and so forth, she could provide a much improved quality of life or "enablers" in country - without disrupting lives and creating such a bizarre model of charity.
  10. We make them civilised they eventually want to attack us.
  11. As did a large number of Africans......
  12. Not the guilty slave trade pish again - Africa is a continent, not an institution

    Ask people in Cornwall and Ireland etc etc who profited out of white hide - Irrespective of colour or race, mankind has baaaaad people in all walks, shapes, shades who are willing to make a buck out of the weak and defenceless.

    Sorry if going off topic (one hundred lashes with a wet (fairtrade!) tea bag coming up........)

    edited for mongness :wink:
  13. Germany has never forgotton the holocaust, they pay huge sums of money to the Jewish towards the the preservation of concentration camps among other things and they take in thousands more refugees than most other European countries out of guilt.

    Apologies for going off topic - just felt that comment was a little out of order.
  14. Mowing the lawns at Dachau and Belsen simply don't count :D
  15. The only reason she doesn't adopt little orphaned American kids is because they're not as fashionable.