Madeline McCann

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fatbadge, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. :( Another suspected sighting of Maddy. This time in Belgium

    Let's hope this one is a positive. There's DNA to check apparently this time.

    Must be ripping the parents apart.
  2. Hope the wee girl get's found
  3. Instead of taking fcuking notes, the Doris should have got the waiter to phone le Bill and confronted the suspects. Either that or took some snaps with her phone - assuming she had one with a camera. A missed opportunity. Better mistaken identity and an apology for smashing a chair over the feckers' heads than to let it slip through the net.
  4. It seems completely bizarre that the Woman didnt call the Police.

    The other Guy didnt think it was Her, but Why not call the Police anyway, just to be sure. Even if not, go and talk to the Girl.

    :x :x
  5. Christ, it'd have to be fcuking Belgium, would'nt it? They definately have previous.

    I hope the wee lassie is found alive.

    Agree with other Posters - I'd have 'phoned Belgium plod, and not let any of them leave until the little girls identity was proved beyond doubt.
  6. Unconfirmed reports on Twitter that she has been found in India.
  7. Would the ocean currants off Portugal take a body that far?
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  8. I will eat my hat.
  9. A girl who 'looked like her' was seen in India by a british tourist, who reported it to the police. The child was with parents of french and belgian nationality, and all 3 of them have been DNA tested but no results are back.

    According to the daily wail anyway!
  10. Nah, it's just a kid with a massive vagina.
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  11. Can't be true but I ain't digging up my patio just to confirm it.
  12. Pity they didn't rip some euros from their wallets to pay for a baby sitter
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  13. Oh it must be true, its in the Scum...

    Seriously, hopefully some closure may finally be found.

  14. [​IMG]
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