Madelene Mccann

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flyinghussar, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Sorry its been so long since we heard anything on this I have probably misspelt her name. Thought you all may be missing the topic NOT. Any news on this? or have they crawled into a dark corner at long last never to be heard of again, we can hope!!!!!!!!! :? :eek:
  2. Are you drunk?
  3. She was found in Croydon on the 11th March this year.

    She had been enjoying a gap year touring Asia and experimenting with drugs and casual sex with obese German men.
  4. Me drunk certainly not only just started the second bottle of Tescos finest cheap scotch. My only reason is to get a few into me before the government imposed increase on Sunday. Hic Hic :cry: gap year thats good poss not too far from the truth, personaly on a more serious note and joking aside I think she is still in the land of the living.! :wink:
  5. Nah she has gone canoeing and will turn up in 10 years time
  6. Last I heard of her she was in smudge67's boot.
  7. she,s under the other bed in yorkshire,she,s got 4 kids and an asbo now.
  8. Nah, she was last seen in a canoe. Her parents are gutted as that scam has already been pulled and has been proven not to work.
  9. After her success in the junior uk hide and seek championships,Shannon Mathews will now try her luck abroad by taking on the current european champion Madeleine McCann! :twisted:
  10. Who? :D