Madeleine McCann: Police To Dig For Evidence


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May I just park this here, please?

Mum abandoned toddler for 15 HOURS so she could go out partying

Trial, conviction and suspended prison sentence...just saying, like...
Walesonline said:
The baby was heavily soiled when found alone at the home by social workers
If she'd only ensured the baby wasn't found she'd have a fortune, an audience with the Pope, and a PR rep from St. Tony.*

* Paid from the public purse, not St. Tone of course.
At least she knows where her child is :-/

Frankly have a lot more sympathy for that former DAESH camp follower than for the oh-so-respectable doctors.
I have no sympathy for either party and the DAESH slapper only claimed to have had children that died, I've no reason to think this is anything other than a lie. Her religious convictions happily condone anything that can put the decadent West at risk, to her lot any kafir is a target.
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