Madeleine McCann: Police To Dig For Evidence

I doubt anyone could be sued for stating something that's known to be hard fact, or a statement presented as none other than a belief or opinion.
Ermm, I think it was tongue in cheek
Ermm, I think it was tongue in cheek
Well, there's a lot of truth in it, though. Mr. Average gets lifted for child abuse or somesuch, and it's trial by mainstream press. Some rich couple with money and connections are implicated in the disappearance of a child, with police being given a different story each time, the press daren't even mention the bleeding obvious.

PS. None of this is libel, by the way.
Perhaps they were anticipating a QRF flash mob of Scouse grief whores descending on the scene with their flower shrines and teddy bears?
I suppose all flowers will will say mum or dad and be stolen from the cemetery
Just watched the full series, I have to say I cannot see why anyone could/would bring legal action against Netflix.

To me it was a roller coaster of what I have experienced with the case and I have to say that I have been quite nasty towards the McCanns in the past.

I think it was quite balanced and hit a few bent nails on the head which has made me look back at my own opinions.

It also opened my eyes to the disgusting child trafficking sex that exists on this earth, I was probably a little bit hopefully naive, this series stopped that and I feel sick.

Really impressed with this series, well done Netflix.
Home Alone is on E4 now, I wonder if the McCanns are watching it. Well I expect Maddie isn't.
My 14 year old asked do you think Maddie tells Maddie jokes?
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What I can't get my head round is the amount of money and time spend on one
investigation, all the other children that are missing never had the same resources
spent on them, WHY?
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